Transportation, few buses and not enough rides for students. The forgiveness of families

The problem repeats itself: the student Salentini can not find a place on bus because they are few in the Race they are not enough. Those families denounce the critical situation of the Transportation. “It is not a service to the time and demands of the users, especially in terms of travel to and from schools in the region and in the provincial capital of Lecce.” To condemn what they define “an ancient and so far atavistic situation, which in all its evidence indicates the many inconveniences and repeated inefficiencies that have caused Salento families who pay regular season tickets” and another bad start to a school year in terms of travel, they are mothers and fathers of many students who attend the main schools of Lecce and its province.

The forgiveness of desperate families

Families living both in the municipalities of the northern Salento hinterland (Squinzano, Campi, Guagnano, Salice, Novoli), and in the municipalities of the Ionian Ridge (Copertino, Leverano Porto Cesareo). There is a lack of means and the races are too few “Despite the entry of the Fse – they emphasize – in the Ferrovie dello Stato group”.
There are many bad points, both for road transport and for what is related to trains, say the parents who accompany their children to the bus stops. “Once again this year the school season has arrived and, as in the past, the Fse will not be able to offer a transport service that lives up to the company’s name, with enormous damage to our parents who are forced to spend money , to offer. and in any case apply for work permits to avoid our children losing training days ».

A widespread situation like a forest fire: many protests are coming. “The question is simple – says for example Katia Basile entrepreneur from Porto Cesareo -. My city, photos and data in hand, is the Cinderella of Salento in terms of transport, especially if you consider that we are a tourist country with millions of visitors like Otranto and Gallipoli, but we are with roads and means of transport from the Third World. The example is exactly the so-called school transports of Cotrap/Region and Province, which actually remained in the 1980s, when Porto Cesareo had 3000 inhabitants. Corriere few and overcrowded – basil increases – bizarre coincidence, zero agreements with the school with the result of widespread and repeated inefficiencies and time changes on the agenda. An unsustainable situation and which in its absurdity is repeated with a punctual annual repetition”.

The situation in the inland communities

Another segment of the territory is that of the northern Salento hinterland, other municipalities but the same disservices and identical protests, unfortunately. “The inconveniences of the ESF are now chronic and perennial – say in chorus Salvatore, Teo, Patrizia, Bruno, Ugo and Silvana, Francesco and Catia, Gianluca, Cosimo, Miriam and many other parents of Novolese students -. Also punctual in their Occurrence. Every two weeks, in shifts, Fse leaves revealed stops in the municipalities included on the Lecce-Guagnano-San Donaci route, which include the villages of Villa Baldassarri, Guagnano, Salice Salentino, Campi, Novoli-Lallo area, Novoli, the hamlet Villa crosses. Convento, Lecce Ekotecne and the finish at the end of the city of Lecce, in front of the victims of terrorism. They are always our children, as well as those of other families who, despite the paid subscription, on the ground stay and without a passage. A story of ordinary inefficiency, which emerges for the umpteenth school year in all its severity ».

And finally, but not least clearly, the lack of connection with the Liceo Virgilio-Redi di Squinzano, which generated the request of the mayors of Guagnano François Imperiale, Salice Cosimo Leuzzi and Campi Alfredo Fina, which the president of the province Stefano Minerva, to give a single voice to the problems of the children of their countries, as well as of their families, caused by the uncomfortable conditions of transport, due to the serious difficulties of moving students to the municipality of Squinzano, headquarters of High school “Virgilio-Redi”. In fact, in the last few days the headmaster himself, Professor Dario Cillo, contacted the mayors of the three municipalities and asked for the intervention of all relevant institutions. In the note addressed to President Minerva, the seriousness of the situation that arose was represented, due to the unavailability of the private transport company, if not to costs that are difficult to maintain. “For this reason – the mayors write – we ask for the creation of a public transport line that connects the affected municipalities with the municipality of Squinzano, as well as other alternative solutions capable of relieving the inconvenience that has arisen”.


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