Training, sour topic. The school is due to its inevitable condition

The school world is needless to say, in the turmoil. In fact, it is a permanent situation rather than a contingent moment, because the school world alone is a perennial movement and dialogue, if only because it represents the extraordinary meeting point between needs, tensions, expectations of different worlds. Especially those of different generations, who are traversing the classrooms and giving life to a perennial wave movement. Then there are the sometimes opposing realities and needs of society and the institution. The first, who often asks for unattainable things – for example, that the school-to-court court compensates for the deficits that exist at other levels – the second, who continues to struggle, also tries to get where it does not.

Then there are the always latent and sometimes manifest tensions between those who work in the school – the teachers in general – and those who “manage” the school world, ie Viale Trastevere and the government in general. Tensions associated with practical issues such as employment and contracts and issues a bit more of the scenario, such as training, the overall investment of a country and the educational realities.

In short, the school is fermenting due to its inevitable state. And often this perpetual, even conflicting movement is not just unproductive conflicts, but rather of a tension vis-à-vis the overall improvement of the system.

Now there’s a heated discussion about training. With a recently approved decree that angered the unions, leading to a general strike. And the Minister replies that instead of the education and recruitment reform was not only inevitable but also widely demanded by the school world itself and the proposed path “defines a clear path of initial education entrusted to universities and schools together, improving internships with tutor tutors, integrating pedagogical learning skills. “In a recent interview, he explained: Innovation, to accompany and guide students on their path of study and in life, who know how to involve them and contrast dispersion ”.

Where’s the problem? The “buttons” in the staff that affect 10,000 units. And again, the minister insists: “No cut”. Investment in schools is also continuing. Certainly, in perspective, the decline in the birth rate, with a consequent decline in the school population, does not provide any insight into prosperity situations.

Meanwhile, there are the highly contested competitions, which are precarious to put on the chair, the discussions about career advancement.

In short, here is the relevant and continuous wave motion that is shaking the sea of ​​the school. However, a sea that is being observed with increasing attention today than in the past. And while it may not be possible to count on quiet times, observations and continuous progress in the light of school reality are nevertheless a step forward for the country. It will also have been the pandemic, it will also have been the terrible father, but we are talking more and more about school and the awareness that it is a crucial issue for everyone.

Let’s keep the wave motion and instead of trying to calm it down, let’s learn to surf.

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