Training, Sicilian students in a business school with the Crédit Agricole Group

The way “What a business, guys!” Path has stopped today, from Lombardy to Sicily, the Credito Valtellinese Foundation, the Credit Agricole Italia Group and the FedUF (ABI) have accompanied over 200 girls and boys on the path of entrepreneurship training. The Benedetto Radice Institute of Bronte, the ITS Pietro Branchina of Catania and the GB Vaccarini Institute of Catania were involved in the island. There are three specific objectives of the course: to improve students’ human capital and to develop their entrepreneurial skills, to give them skills in money management and relations with banking and finance, and finally to promote a first approach to the world. Work through the realization of a business project.

Project for schools

“Thanks to our collaboration with FEduF, we’re realizing what a business you are, guys!” Commented Valeria Duico, Director of the Credito Valtellinese Foundation | Crédit Agricole Italia Group. an active part in the growth process of the new generations.This project, which is dedicated to the secondary school secondary school students, falls into the category of paths for transversal skills and orientation (formerly alternating school work) with the aim, the learned school education path with skills and Enriching techniques that can be spent on the labor market.

Tools for teachers

Through this educational project, girls and boys are guided into an awareness and reinforcement of their tendencies, to understand the ways in which an interest can become a profession, and to combine the spirit of initiative with real work tools, because the main goal of ” Che Impresa, dear! ” should contribute to the development of students’ identities, provide teachers with the necessary tools to provide guidance to the world of responsible work with an approach to professionalism and long-term perspective.

A three-year plan

“What a performance, guys!” accompanies girls and boys in the implementation of an idea and concrete action, both from a descriptive point of view, which takes into account the characteristics of the project, its objectives (social, cultural and economic) and its position in the market, and from a quantitative point of view, which contains a proper three-year plan: the pedagogical path, in fact, allows you to acquire the most sought-after skills in the job market, thanks to activities that involve the whole process of realizing an entrepreneurial idea and ” perspective of the transversality and transferability of Skills in diversified tasks and work environment.

Ability assessment

The total duration of the course is 37 hours and is divided into one hour for the use of the lesson, eight hours for four e-learning modules (self-learning), eight hours for two lessons in plenary and finally 20 hours for design. of the project and the development of the canvas business model. At the end of the activities, the transversal and entrepreneurial skills will be developed, defined in accordance with the objectives and the guidelines defined by Miur and Syllabus dedicated specifically to Entrepreneurship Education.

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