Training sessions for the protection of minors

MI.RI.AMnot the name of a woman, but an acronym (Minor at Risk of Abuse and / or Abuse) which reminds of a network of contacts to support educational institutions and teachers to prevent any signs of abuse and mistreatment of minors identify and direct to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Lucca and the police forces.

Purpose of the Protocol – signed in the Prefecture of Lucca in 2007 by the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Lucca, the Prosecutor in the Juvenile Court, the Juvenile Court, the Police Headquarters, the Carabinieri, the Territorial School Office, the Province, the Zonal Articulation of Mayors Local Health Authority in the Italian Federation of Pediatricians – those of strengthening the action to combat the phenomenon of pediatric treatment, to ensure appropriate training of the referrers identified in each educational institution.

It is for this reason that the Prefecture of Lucca, in coordination with the Head of the Cabinet Stefania Trimarchi, in collaboration with Professor Catia Abbracciavento of the Territorial Scholastic Office, organized several meetings for teachers of the three territorial areas of the province, Piana di . Lucca, Versilia, Garfagnana and Media Valle.

Meetings were held on 11, 16 and 17 March by a specific working group coordinated by the prefecture.

The role of the coaches was played by the Deputy Prosecutors in the Republic of Lucca, Paola Rizzo, Alberto Dello Iacono and Elena Leone, who took turns devoting themselves in the afternoon to meetings with teachers, to training with a detailed and accurate picture of the Contributed to crimes. that they see minors as victims, with the aim of providing the tools to, in the behavior of students, recognize any signs of abuse or marriage. The representatives of the State Police Massimo Sodini and the Carabinieri, Francesco Iraci, experts on the subject of minors, have joined the magistrates.

Psychologists, Anna Marongiu and Giovanni Cherubini, respectively, in the Infantile Neuropsychiatry of Lucca Hospital and the Functional Consultation Activities Unit of Versilia Hospital will also be at the table of speakers; Angelina Vaccaro, Head of Hospital Pediatrics of Lucca Angelina Vaccaro and Pediatricians Silvia Navari and Silvia Ruggieri of Versiia Hospital

and those of Barga; the social services of the territory represented by Lucia Altamura, Maria Giulia Mannocci and Elisabetta Scaletti.

In the context of their professionalism, everyone has given useful indications about the methods of behavior adopted in case of suspected abuse, relying on the cooperation of the teachers with whom the minors spend most of their day, for prompt critical Discover situations. . At the same time, they provided the will to listen and consult, to identify together the actions that are necessary for the protection of the child and the prevention of abuse.

Satisfaction was expressed by the teachers, who attended many of the three meetings, during which the phenomena of bullying and “assisted” violence were also explored, which happens every time a minor witnesses violence against his parents.

“Collaboration between institutions, training and continuous information exchange are the three factors that make it possible to increasingly protect minors who are at risk of abuse and misuse. We developed this activity program because we are convinced that the degree of civilization of a society is measured by the ability to protect the weakest people “, declares the prefect Francesco Esposito, at the end of the training cycle.

The meetings were also attended by the President of the Luna Antiviolence Center, Daniela Elena Caselli, and the Vice-President of the Antiviolence Center at the Casa delle Donne di Viareggio Federica Lucchesi, who expressed their willingness to prevent any form of violence against minors.

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