Training plan for DSGA and administrative

Haut, March 9, 2022at 4.30pm was the second meeting, via video conference, with the ministry in connection with the Training plan for the 631 newly hired DSGAs in the 2021/2022 school year, DSGA and Administrative Assistants. The session moved on to some aspects of the plan, for which we requested further information and signaled the need for various changes.

Here are the modification requests received by MI:

  • indicate the new DSGA employed in the academic year 2021/2022 are the priority recipients of the training activities;
  • also training for the use of platforms and applications used in schools;
  • Include, among the training topics, the institutions in force, the legal status of school staff and the role of the DSGA in Governance schoulesch;
  • exclude, at the moment, the discipline of agile work, as this matter has been devoted to the CCNL, which we are in the process of renewing;
  • a documented experience for learning groups related to external trainers, identified by public announcement;
  • to plan a strict schedule of training sessions (due to the cumulative delays) starting from April 1st;
  • reduce the sign of a tutor to a single newly hired DSGA and, only in exceptional cases, to two;
  • Distribute the resources available to the USRs in proportion to the number of newly hired DSGAs, guaranteeing basic funding for all regions, including those that did not have new DSGAs;
  • review the timing of training activities to enable schools and interested parties to organize themselves in a timely manner;
  • eliminates any reference to training on INPS platforms.

About the last point we mentioned that educational institutions are not required to use and confirm the so-called passport web application for the processing of staff pension data our reservation, which was accepted, about the formation benotzen on the Passweb platform because, as we have long argued, it is managed by the INPS, which remains responsible for the procedures concerning the retirement situation of school staff. This is why schools can legitimately ignore invitations from the INPS or the administration to participate in training courses related to the passport web application.

Finally, we reiterated the need to develop and initiate a plan for the continuous training of all ATA staff, to increase resources and, in view of the forthcoming CCNL renewal, the FLC proposal regarding the subjective Right to support the ATAs. Education as a concrete measure to support the profession.


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