Training in tourism, a memorandum of understanding with Ente Parco del Conero in the first place

ANCONA – Collaborate to train young people ready to be included in the tourism and hospitality sector. This is the purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by President Daniele Silvetti on behalf of Ente Parco del Conero, Prof.ssa Maria Alessandra Bertini School Director of IIS Savoia-Benincasa, by the Mayors of Numana Gianluigi Tombolini, and Sirolo Filippo Moschella, and by the President of the Riviera del Conero and Colli dell’Infinito, Carlo Neumann.

The opportunity to define an organic plan of training activities and approach to the park territory for students arises from the launch of the new training course called “Technical Economic and Tourism Institute” of IIS Savoia Benincasa to respond to a specific need of the territory.

Thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding, IV students will be offered a range of opportunities to enter the world of work quickly, as these are highly sought-after professional skills.

“We are pleased to have reached the conclusion of a confrontation process between all interested parties – said Daniele Silvetti, President of the Ente Parco del Conero, who presented the session – and that it was an easy path because it was concrete convergence has begun. on how to educate young people to meet the needs of the public authorities concerned with the promotion of the territory and with private operators who need newly qualified professionals ».

With this protocol, the signatories undertake to define an organic plan of practical activities and approaches to the world of work, which will be provided in the front office of the Visitor Center of Conero Park, in the IATs of the municipalities of Sirolo and Numana and in the offices of the Riviera del Conero Association also identifies ways of collaborating with the different types of tourist facilities that fall within the Conero Natural Protected Area for the professional growth of students by encouraging the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the different contexts.
To integrate the training path provided by students into the subject areas before the internship path begins, class meetings are organized with the participation of experts, who provide the necessary information to directly address work experiences and projects already underway.

“For our students, it is an extraordinary opportunity – says Professor Bertini – to test in the field what they are learning during their studies by observing exactly how the work for which they are preparing is carried out. I can only be grateful for the signing of the agreement for the exceptional availability that today, by a formal, very practical contour takes ”.

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