Training, Gobetti-Volta teachers criticize PNRR’s indications: “Both initial and in service”

BAGNO AND RIPOLI – The Teaching Board of the Gobetti-Volta Institute in Bagno and Ripoli, met on 21 June 2022, “after a careful reading of Legislative Decree 36/2022, concerning the implementation of the National Recovery and Resistance Plan, expresses Reflections and concerns in particular regarding the new system of initial and training.

In particular, he notes that “the new” school for higher education “, which is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, not only the task of promoting, coordinating, directing, but also defining the content and structures of the three-year training courses and continuous updating of teachers living in the past.

“It would therefore enter into a direct relationship with the school autonomy and the sovereignty of the teacher colleges – they again – influence their role in the planning and programming of their own training plan.”

And again, “the mechanism of selection and incentive encourages individualistic urges and reinforces the need for collegiality and widespread education indispensable for the qualification of the whole school system, in the interest of students, for the professional development of teachers”.

“The incentive recognized after passing intermediate and final tests – teachers noted – presentation of reports, evaluation based on a model” approved by the decree of the Ministry of Education, after hearing INVALSI “represents a bureaucratic burden that hinders d ‘Achieve genuine pedagogical quality objectives and favor standardized ways of carrying out pedagogical processes’.

“The resources that are diverted to the new training structure and drawn from other expenditure items – it is specified – impoverish the availability of training activities defined by the individual educational institutions, in accordance with the three-year training offer plan and the improvement plan. they reduce the amount of the electronic card for updating and individual training of the teacher “.

“The reduction of staff – they add – which, according to forecasts, affect staff of the reinforcement, will inevitably depend on the organization and planning of activities to enrich the training offer, and in many cases compromise training courses, to improve the potential. of everyone and to prevent school dropouts ”.

Finally, “the proposed recruitment system, complex, lengthy and with progressive tests to overcome, does not respond to the need for effective and appropriate procedures to align initial training with specific recruitment perspectives and the strong precariousness of the school system. to overcome, which represents. a serious vulnus for the whole sector “.

We therefore ask – they conclude – to suspend the approval of the “Education” chapter, to delete Chapter VIII from n.36 / 2022, and to have a broad debate in schools and with schools about a reform of the recruitment and training systems and service functional for an authentic improvement of the teaching staff and the qualification of the school system as a whole “.


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