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The National Association of School Managers – ANDIS – founded in 1988, is the largest professional association of school managers of all types and levels and pursues, among its institutional goals, the goals of promotion, development and progress of the school.
Therefore, ANDIS interacts with the political, state and administrative bodies of the school system and with other professional associations of the school, as well as with the cultural and social subjects, which exercise an active role in the country with the unions.
ANDIS, in accordance with its specific associative nature, with the culture and civic engagement that distinguishes it, has public ethics at the base of its activity and has stated in its documents that the school teacher as a public manager guarantees that his Action characterized by principles that are the basis of public administration, which promote continuous improvement of the services provided and the active participation of citizens in decision-making processes and democratic life.
The action of ANDIS has always been inspired by the above principles to support and promote the figure and activity of the school teacher and this is evidenced by the national seminar “With us…: ANDIS the way of leadership” organized for the new school directors on July 13 and 15 in the Laceno Plateau of Bagnoli Irpino (AV), in which operational issues and preparation for the approach to school management were discussed: “Examples of the beginning of the school year and construction of collaboration Staff of the school teacher “,” The management of groups in an innovative perspective “,” Simulation of a staff meeting of the school teacher “,” Orientation on the communicative and administrative efficiency of a work group that tends to a widespread leadership “,” Simulation of a College of teachers “,” collegial dynamics; forms and methods of communication and collegial organization; methods and forms of comparison and sharing of decisions “,” types of access to administrative documentation: between the need for transparency and protection of confidentiality “and” techniques for management requests and procedural models “.
The ANDIS Associative Development Department after the attendance of the summer seminar, which in terms of the number of participants and the importance of the topics addressed, did not receive some consensus and recognition, intended for the activity of proximity to the new school to continue. Manager and organized “ONE HOUR WITH…” for the month of September next, n. 15 online meetings on the CISCO WEBEX platform, from 18.00 to 19.00, to develop “moments of listening, of answers, of discussion about the needs and concerns that every new teacher manifests as he embarks on a rich and complex profession” . Two directors of the association or experts from the various sectors discuss with the new school directors about question periods or about specific topics. The activities will take place every day from 2 to 23 September 2022 according to the following calendar:
Friday 02/09/2022 Paola Bortoletto, Milena Piscozzo – Free topic
Monday 05/09/2022 Patrizia Abate, Stefano Stefanel – Free topic
Tuesday 06/09/2022 Rossella De Luca, Mario Veca – Free topic
Thursday 08/09/2022 Franca Burzigotti, Renato Candia – Free topic
Friday 09/09/2022 Anna Buonaccount, Domenico Ciccone – Security
Monday 12/09/2022 Laura Barbirato, Milena Piscozzo – PTOF / Address document
Tuesday 13/09/2022 Francesco Armenante, Angela Paletta – The negotiation activity
Wednesday 14/09/2022 Filomena Filippis, Rosa Stornaiuolo – Inclusion
Thursday 15/09/2022 Simona Da Re, Eva Nicolò – Relationships with families
Friday 16/09/2022 Emilia Di Blasi, Piervincenzi Di Terlizzi – The management of resources for inclusion
Monday 19/09/2022 Clara Alemanni, Antonella Serpico – RAV-PDM-RS
Tuesday 20/09/2022 Alessandra Francucci, Grazia Pedicini – Planning
Wednesday 21/09/2022 Carmen Iuliano, Angela Paletta – The Directive of the DSGA
Thursday 22/09/2022 Lucia Dalla Montà, Gloriana Russitto – Educational agreements and relations with the territory
Friday 23/09/2022 Paola Cagnazzo, Gregorio Iannaccone – Collection of additional requirements for new managers

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