Training days due to teachers and ATA. The point, with request template to download

The training is understood by the legislature as one of the fundamental cornerstones of the organization of the public administration, as a strategic tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative action.

The Consolidated Law on Public Employment – Legislative Decree 165/2001 – in Art. 7, section 4, the public administration is in fact expressly obliged to take care of the training and updating of its staff.

Right to Training.

In more detail, the CCNL’s contract regulations for the school sector 2006-2009 are still in force in Art. 63 that “education is a lever strategic fundamental to professional development staff, for the necessary support for the goals of change, for an effective human rights development policy. The administration is required to provide tools, resources and opportunities which guarantee training in the service. Training is also carried out through tools that allow access to university courses, to encourage enrichment and professional mobility through short courses, to integrate the curriculum with disciplines that are consistent with the new competition classes and with profiles that follow current Regulations are considered necessary.

The art. 64 also states that “participation in training and refresher courses constitutes a right for staff as it is functional for the full realization and development of their professional skills.

Training initiatives usually take place outside teaching hours.

Personnel attending training courses organized by the central or peripheral administration or by educational institutes are considered. in full service. “

Training at school.

The training opportunities and the identification of useful and necessary activities for a qualified response to the needs derived from the training offer plan are identified in the educational institution by the Faculty Council for Teachers and by the Director General of Services. for ATA staff as part of the preparation of the annual plan of activities.

Training of teachers.

As defined by Bill 297/1994 “Consolidated text on education”, education is a right and duty of teachers: understood as an adaptation of knowledge to the development of science for individual disciplines and in interdisciplinary connections; as an in-depth study of didactic preparation; as participation in research and didactic-pedagogical innovation.

The art. 64, Section 5, of the CCNL School Sector 2006-2009 states that “Teachers have the right to use five days during the school year for participation in training initiatives with exemption from service and with replacement under the legislation on short-term substitutions and force in the various school classes. In the same way, and within the same limit of 5 days, teachers of musical instruments and artistic subjects have the right to participate in musical and artistic activities, through the form of training.

Teaching staff is also gained through access to short university courses to integrate curricula.

In order for the teaching staff to participate effectively in the mentioned activities, it is the responsibility of the school director, in the forms and in a measure compatible with the quality of service, to ensure a flexible articulation of working hours.

Do they also belong to the substitute teachers?

In the absence of a clarification from the CCNL, the above-mentioned permits are also recognized for teachers with fixed-term contracts, including “short-term alternates”.

The use must be made according to the criteria of the school director.

Permits for teachers.

The same opportunities, use of the five days and / or adjustment of working hours, must be offered to teachers who, as coaches, experts and animators, participate in training initiatives, as provided for in paragraph 7 of Art. 64.

ATA Personal Training.

The administrative, technical and support staff may, under the authority of the school director, participate in initiatives or organized updates with regard to the needs of the service:

  • by the school administration itself;
  • of universities;
  • of accredited bodies.

Participation in update initiatives takes place within the limit of hours required to complete the training process, mainly used in connection with the implementation of professional profiles. In the latter case, the number of hours according to needs may be increased, also taking into account the time required to reach the location of the training activity.

Note, therefore, the lack of any daily limit for the training of ATA staff, contrary to what is provided for teachers.

Training promoted by accredited bodies.

Training opportunities promoted and managed by accredited bodies must be implemented in accordance with Directive 170 of 21 March 2016.

This Directive lays down the procedures for the accreditation, qualification and recognition of the courses offered by those who provide training to school staff, to guarantee the certification and quality of the training initiatives.

The school directors must therefore check whether the training offered or requested by the employee is provided by a body accredited by the Ministry of Education.

To facilitate this verification, the Ministry has set up the SOFIA Online Platform for the Accreditation, Qualification and Recognition of the Courses of the Subjects, which provide training and for the matching of education and training. Demand.

The platform can be accessed at the following link:

Attached is an editable form of request for a training permit to be presented to the teacher.

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