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Students asked questions about the psychological emergency, the cost of university fees, room and board for off-site students. Maturity and refugees

by Cristina Bertolini

“Those who have clear ideas and a deep-rooted passion can follow their tendencies. For others, let’s stop talking about tendencies and see what the labor market has to offer. Italy is the third country in the world with the most serious disparity between education and training. Demand from the world of work because it has trained people according to their own inclinations. In Lombardy there is no unemployment, but it is necessary to combine the labor market and education choices. ”Alessandro Fermi, President of the Lombardy Regional Council, spoke yesterday. Liceo Zucchi in Monza in the 5th stage of the initiative “Young people meet the institutions”, a journey of the Regional Council to the Lombard capitals, to listen. Very young and their expectations. In the lecture hall live the students of the Zucchi classical and musical High school to another 800 children from other Brianza institutes.The president is in the strongest dispute between humanities education versus scientific engineering r education went on and the students of the high school classical and musical questioned themselves. “Should we let the music and culture sector die,” they asked? Fermi replied that the cultural sphere offers great economic opportunities, but Italy is 20 years behind in its improvement. “Having said that, if you have ideas – said Fermi – he also hypothesizes entrepreneurship and cultural sectors, but knows that Lombard companies are looking for technical, scientific and medical healthcare capabilities.” Students who have asked questions about the psychological emergency, the prohibited costs of university tuition, room and board for off-site students, which affect the right to education, high school exams and the reception of refugees. Both Fermi and Mayor Dario Allevi supported the participation of young people in public life by encouraging them to be candidates in municipal elections, consultations, and associations, which showed that the family, Friends, the most important aspect is for 79% of boys; that at work the salary is a priority (80%), only 30% are voluntary for the associations and 55% are convinced that the policy influences the life of the individual sufficiently.

“The meeting showed that children are informed and aware of the issue of participation, economic inequalities; the right to study; gender equality and the environment. They are idealists, but also pragmatic as good Brianza people,” he said. sot de Fermi. “The suggestions and contributions we have gathered today will be of great help to the law dedicated to young people who will arrive at the Regional Council at the end of March,” added Vice President Carlo Borghetti. , with young people “.

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