Training and knowledge of the territory, students of the Archimede Institute visit the places of Modica promoted by “La via delle Collegiate”

A visit in the name of the knowledge of cultural heritage and education provided by Class 5 of the ISS Archimedes of Modica, accompanied by the teacher Prof. of the Collegiate.

“Recorrido a pie por el casco antiguo” is the name of the project with the aim of knowing, telling and illustrating the most significant monuments of the city in Spanish.

A training moment for young students, says the Ass. Via delle Collegiate, returning to places they are familiar with, in 2019, the protagonists of the PCTO Ways were organized by the Santa Maria di Betlem Museum, through a project that brought knowledge and the explanation of the Modican cultural heritage in Spanish, seeing the challenge of multiculturalism in the contemporary world.

The city of Modica, which this year sees the Collegiate Churches of San Giorgio, Santa Maria di Betlem and San Pietro Place of the Heart – FAI, is now the destination of many visitors from all over the world and it must have the common goal to be. by the various actors from the give young people the opportunity to receive an education on average with the time and which the territory promotes.

In this and other aspects, the school education of the students who decide to take the tourist route of the Archimede Institute of Modica continues, which trains these operators, who improve tourist services and improve the city and the territory.