The competition Coordination Teachers Extraordinaire Bis calls on all political forces and their exponents, who have been fighting against school precariousness for years, at a critical moment for the future of precarious teachers, an urgent measure, so that all participants in the competition, after having a Once the test is completed, they can access the university education to qualify that the merit ranking entered the participants, each with their own score and that the same is valid for entries in the role until it is exhausted.

Participants in the extraordinary competition are teachers who will be in the chair with annual substitutes in September, therefore the request complies with the EU directive 1999/70 / EC, which is for the permanent recruitment of all employees of the school who have done at least 36 months of service, even if not continuously, and is in line with the Supreme Court, which proposed a “jurisprudential and regulatory elaboration” with “a range of possible reactions, ranging from ipso iure transformation to permanent Relations, intended for stabilization through extraordinary procedures for temporary workers or finally for damages “.

In addition, the competition that takes place today shows the lack of objectivity, different interviews depending on the commissions, some of which are based only on notions, which the teachers are asked not to apply in the classroom, while others pay more attention to the teaching methods and the class universe, but it is certainly a heterogeneous mechanism at the national level, which determines strong differences in the treatment between candidates, both on a regional basis and between the different competing classes.

The candidate draws out a route on the spot, with no time for serious learning design. In some cases the tracks of the oral examination of the ordinary competition were replicated, in other cases topics outside the programs of Annex A were chosen. In still other cases, the commissions represent a single province or a single school, enough to favor some candidates over others.

The stability that the coordination asks for on behalf of the participants in the competition is fundamental in a moment of crisis, only through the stability of the work will the professionals of the school be honored.

The political class must take over the future work of the teachers trained in the field in recent years who fail to qualify due to lack of possible avenues.

Not only the health personnel, not only the administrative staff of the school, not only the religion teachers, not only the support teachers, but also those who teach on the subject need direct answers that lead to the qualification in the role. The entire political class must take this first step: the merit ranking of the competition must include all participants, allowing access to university education for the qualification before entering the role, pending a serious and new school reform.

To those parties who know how to listen, we immediately ask for an urgent measure.

Coordination of Teachers Extraordinary Competition Until 2022

Here are all the texts to prepare for the exceptional competition 2022 of the school

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