Training and information: The working weeks are back

A calendar of three events dedicated to students looking for a track to write about their future

TO Lissone three training sessions and information to guide students into the world of work, highlight the importance of transversal soft skills and open the door to the professional opportunities offered by the European Union.

Training and information for students

Following the success of the last edition, in 2022 three initiatives are included back into the broad program of Job Weeks 2022, a review of meetings to discuss work, branding and curriculum with young people, promoted by the Youth Information Committee of Anci Lombardia.

The program of initiatives promoted at regional level will evolve from March 28 to April 8; in Lissone the timetable provided Meet on March 28th and 30th, in addition to April 5th.

Youth Information Initiative

The initiative, which is strongly desired by the municipality of Lissone with its service Inforientagiovani, aims to provide concrete support in the implementation of policies for young people and the intersection between demand and supply of work.

Two of the three events are aimed directly at students of the Giuseppe Meroni Higher Education Institute at via Stoppani and are part of the wide-ranging pedagogical orientation activity, which is promoted annually by the municipal administration.

The Calendar

The March 28 and 30 The focus of the discussion will be on the “Active Job Search: Skills and Strategies for Effective Entry into the World of Work”, which deals with various topics related to the job search: the definition of the professional goal, the analysis and beliefs about work. Market, information research, personal branding and personal storytelling, skill assessment, training a potential, developing an effective curriculum vitae and cover letter in the job interview.

The April 5th (at 6.30 pm) the third event entitled “Europe for young people: European opportunities, experiences and mobility” is on the agenda: a free webinar on registration, aimed at young people and local businesses.

The meeting includes the presentation of the various European opportunities for young people (Erasmus plus 2021, volunteering and internships abroad, Discover EU, Virtual Exchange), the delivery of methods and tools for orientation on mobility opportunities (European portal of young people), Eurodesk local points, EURES), sharing opportunities to experiment with formal, non-formal and participatory activities provided by the EU.

Orientation to the future

The initiative is being promoted by Inforientagiovani via Via Ferrucci as part of the Talent Hub, which has just been launched in recent weeks.

The orientation activity set up by the municipality of Lissone is inconspicuous, considering that from 2017 to 2022, 1,800 hours, in presence or at a distance, were made available to the school population of our territory. Through the working weeks, which return to Lissone for the second year, the local initiatives are incorporated into a regional context, with the aim of building a training and information network that characterizes our InforientaGiovani, who recently joined Talent.Hub , the regional platform for the orientation of Lombard young people in the world of work.

Underlines Alessia Tremolada, Youth Policy Adviser.

For more information, please contact Inforientagiovani di Lissone at or the Inforientagiovani.lissone Facebook page.

It is also possible to find all the initiatives proposed by the Youth Informatics of the Lombardia Regional Network, webinars, meetings, workshops and job demands and offer matching by accessing the Talent Coach, the new regional platform for training and vocational guidance .


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