Trafficking Stories, Blessings from the White House to the Jordanians

Joyce Zick, head of Alleanza Tesori Raggianti (ATR), an organization working to combat human trafficking throughout the national territory, along with Blessing Okoedion, author, founder of Weavers of Hope, also heard in the White House, and survivors of the trade, she met the students of the Giordani Industrial Technical Institute in Caserta, together with the Celebration Coordinator Giacomo Bleve and the Coach Coach of the Laura Umbertelli Association.

Present was the teacher Antonella Serpico, guest, Drusilla De Nicola, President of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the municipality of Caserta, who opened the session. The aim of this new event is to highlight the realities of human trafficking in Italy from an academic and personal perspective and in particular to inspire change for young people through education and awareness raising.

The guests of Celebration were the protagonists of a morning of stories and comparisons, an awareness session with the students of Jordan, in which not only was trafficking in women trafficked, but also of all the phenomena that can threaten women and adolescents, such as . such as sexting, pornography, bullying. As mentioned, this is not the first time that Celebration Italia, with Joyce Zick and ATR Giordani, has entered other schools to raise awareness about this topic. At the other meetings in 2019 and 2020, on the occasion of the International Week against Trafficking in Women, which Caserta had chosen in Italy to address this huge issue, Blessing Okoedion was already a guest of the structure for her testimony. kiss. the students.

A powerful voice in the fight against human trafficking – along with ATR, ATR ALBA, ZOE International and Missione di Luce – Blessing talks about what is leading to this growing crime of exploitation in both Italy and America, researching together with young people in the I publish the possible solutions, the hope of rehabilitation, restoration and final victory. Why is human trafficking a growing problem? How can we identify the risk factors? What are the risks that people run into prostitutes around? Are these risks the same in America as in Italy? How can a person heal after suffering deep trauma and abuse? Is there hope? Is victory possible? What are the difficulties that lead to sexual exploitation? What is the path of restoration and rehabilitation that results in a victory for the survivors of modern slavery?

Celebration Italia is the promoter in Italy of the international conference “From Vulnerability to Victory” and in advance of the events organized by the Caserta Association, many other associations across the country have started an awareness process in schools to talk to students about. the phenomenon of trafficking in women.


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