Towards Technical Leads Competition: Do not miss the two free webinars today and June 15th

The Technical Manager (also known as Inspector) is a support figure in the Italian school system, working on actions to promote and accompany innovative processes, regulation of school systems, supervision and control.

Professionalism is required, which involves administrative skills, coordination of actions in working groups, analysis and synthesis of the strategic actions implemented by the ministry at institutional and system level.

The coverage areas are numerous and diversified in relation to the location in the various offices: Central and Periphery of the Ministry of Education.

How do you become a Technical Manager? Preparing to adopt this profile means focusing on a general vision of the school structure, demonstrating in-depth knowledge on various topics related to staff, pupils and students, segments of the school grades. We’ll talk about this in the two free webinars oriented precisely to digest the topics related to Competition for technical management whose publication now seems to be in progress. Meet for today, Friday 10th June and Wednesday, 15th June at 5pm.

June 10 Webinar

The technical manager needs to demonstrate in-depth knowledge on various topics that we will cover together in the webinar on June 10th.
We will also see management responsibilities, essential knowledge of administrative, civil and criminal law, and European school systems, all useful topics for passing the competition for technical management.

The speaker of the event

Laura Donà
Technical Director of the Ministry of Education, Coordination of the Inspection Service of the Regional School Office for Veneto.

The June 15 Webinar

The technical manager it plays an important role in the implementation of system evaluation, today more necessary directions of significance and strategies for improvement and innovation within the framework of the constitutional principle of autonomy of educational institutions. “In fact, the National Evaluation System (VNS) aims to to improve the quality of training provision (Presidential Decree 80/2013) and the inspection function supports the autonomy of school institutes to “recognize all problems in the management of pedagogical activities and to gain awareness of possible intervention strategies”.

The technical managers are also involved in the evaluation of the school managers in accordance with the current regulatory framework.. Let’s cover these steps in the free webinar on June 15th.

The speaker of the event

Damiano Previtali
Director of the Ministry of Education, Evaluation Office of the National Education and Training System.

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