Towards politics, here is the program of Sovereign and Popular Italy

September 21, 2022 4:17 p.m

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Italia Sovrana e Popolare is a new political formation from the aggregation of 15 parties and movements that arose in opposition to the neoliberal, globalist and pro-Atlantic policies of the Draghi government, imposed on the Italian population through a subversive action that suspended constitutional rights and democracy, the way, through a work of real propaganda, for a bankruptcy liquidation agenda of the country for the benefit of multinationals that gravitate in the orbit of large investment funds of international high finance.


Our party, which has inside the best intelligence, which for years in the field of investigative journalism, economics and finance, geopolitical analysis, philosophy and science does not submit to lobbies, proposes as a recipe for Italy some inevitable emancipation strategies from policies that lead us to default to lead


Above all, it is a priority to achieve our independence from NATO, the EU, the EUROZONE and the WHO, with a revival of the sense of national interest. We reject the presence of NATO, which has exhausted its historical task and pushes us to special “humanitarian wars” in the exclusive interest of its main shareholder, the USA. We reject the external constraint produced by the monetary policy of the ECB and membership of the Eurozone. We support decision-making independence on health policy. We demand the restoration of the territorial, military, cultural and monetary sovereignty of the Italian people and of the European peoples.


We want the immediate blocking of the sending of weapons to the Ukrainian regime, the promotion of mediation work aimed at peace, the suspension of sanctions on Russia, with which diplomatic relations must be rebuilt.

We want to work for the archiving of the season of Atlanticist unipolarity and the arrival of a multipolar world, based on the solidarity and sovereignty of sister states.

We ask for a serious regulation of migration flows, which subordinates its extent to the effective absorption and integration capacity of the country: uncontrolled immigration inevitably damages the rights of the citizens of the host countries as much as those of the migrants. We claim for Italy a position of geopolitical neutrality and equidistance, with a military sector dimensioned for national defense and deterrence, as required by the constitution. We reject the subordination of national legislation to the regulations of the European Union.

In light of the serious events associated with the pandemic season, we reject any sanitary authoritarianism and any vaccination obligation. We strongly condemn the abuse of sanctions made against doctors “guilty” of having acted out of science and conscience.

We call for a reconstruction and profound redevelopment of public health, wounded for decades by cuts in resources, services and beds, and left in pieces by the crazy management of the pandemic. Any push, explicit or covert, to privatize health services must be stopped.

We call for the establishment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the choice of governments during the health emergency.

For productive activities, we want to concentrate efforts to block the deindustrialization process of the country, which has continued without interruption for three decades, and to improve the agricultural sector and livestock for years, suffered by a policy that worked in the direction of discouraging the primary sector , we lose the supply chain of DOP products, with serious damage to our Made in Italy.

In a world dominated by multinationals and hedge funds, we demand an update of the class struggle, which identifies the main battlefront in the opposition between the interests of financial capital and the interests of labor.

In the financial sector, we ask for forms of public control over strategic sectors of the economy and the nationalization of the Bank of Italy, redistributing the shares of private shareholders to the state.

We claim the dignity of work with the elimination of legislation aimed at precariousness and attacks on self-employment. Support for full and good employment policies.

We reject any form of social control through technological platforms. The system experimented with the green pass must remain a warning for future reference of what must never happen again. We reject all forms of censorship and media manipulation, justified with emergency agendas.

Work, public and private, autonomous and dependent, is the big loser in the neoliberal era, in favor of the expansion of finance capital. We want to tax the profits that are not reinvested and the profits of the multinationals that are made in our country to restructure the welfare state by creating a gross minimum wage of 1200 euros per month,

a social allowance for the minimum disability of 1000 euros and help for large families with economic and social incentives to increase the birth rate, the abolition of the Fornero law and its variants, the restoration of the 95 share (60 years and 35 of the contributions) and 90 for strenuous jobs, with a return to the retirement pension.

From a fiscal point of view, we demand the restoration of a serious progressive taxation, which for individuals follows the tax that the reform of 1971 represented, with 32 income brackets.

We want to promote a relentless fight against the mafia, corruption and criminal organizations. And it is necessary to restore an authentic separation of powers between the judiciary and the political powers (legislative and executive).

We want to end the state secrecy about the season of massacres and about internal and international responsibility in the tension strategy.

We want a real reform of the justice of the people, with a judiciary that does not submit to the strong powers, but to protect the reasons of the weakest, the abolition of currents in the Italian judiciary and the establishment of clear incompatibilities between representatives of the National Association of Magistrates and membership in any other government, political or administrative body.

We believe that it is essential to start a reconstruction and requalification of the training, school and university system. Leidstär must be represented by an idea of ​​the school as an educational community and as a place for the formation of man: the school must not be a company and must not train consumers or social mechanisms, but citizens. We support the creation of a constant connection between school education and the use of the artistic and architectural heritage, which is reinforced by historical-artistic themed routes to promote the understanding of the history of the territories.

We ask for the abolition of the Franceschini reform with particular reference to staff cuts, the abolition of volunteerism, the criteria for the distribution of funds, the downgrading of libraries and archives, and the leasing of artistic heritage for private events.

We reject all forms of censorship and media manipulation, justified with emergency agendas.

We expect that the social control agenda that passes through the introduction of the European Digital Identity will be interrupted, with particular reference to the European Digital Identity Wallet, which evaluates all operational and legal aspects and the impossibility of repressive use and Supervision guaranteed.

Absolute prohibition must be imposed on banks and electronic wallet managers to close customer accounts or make their funds unavailable, except after an order from the judiciary; digital service providers operating in the Italian territory, close personal profiles, censor, remove or in any way reduce the accessibility of the content published by citizens, as well as prevent them from accessing and using the functions offered, if not according to an order of the judiciary. We demand a public accounting of all funding sources by self-employed independent “fact checkers”.

On the environmental front, we support a vision of deep respect for nature, internally and externally to humans. In light of the widespread tendency to use the emergency as a way to impose anti-human agendas, we are cautious about all “greenwashing” operations: ours is a defense of the environment in a structural and non-instrumental, holistic and non- propagandistic sense.

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