Tomorrow A Scroll Presentation of the “Education Offer of Education and Vocational Training – CULTURE AND LEGALITY” Puglia Region

The plan for vocational training and education for minors is given by SEBASTIANO LEO Counselor for education, vocational training and employment of the Puglia region a They run on Saturday, March 19 at 6:30 p.m. in the main hall of the Scholastic Institute in Via De Lorentiis, at the initiative of the PHAOS Association for the MARIO PENDINELLI will welcome you.

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These vocational training activities intervene specifically to combat early school exchanges, which have increased even more in the two-year period of the pandemic, mainly involving children coming from high-risk contexts, or with early school failures or “rough” paths (deviation minors, Children in the communes, etc.) risk not fulfilling their educational obligation until the age of 16 or, worse, being socially excluded and excluded from the regular labor market.

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The three-year courses, which are planned in the various economic sectors (agriculture, agro-industry, tourism and catering, mechanics, electronics, information technology, services for people and well-being, etc.), should not only provide them culturally. Skills but also with technical-practical skills.-Professional, specific in the various sectors, with a title (professional qualification) both recognized by the work system and therefore directly usable to find a job, and is suitable for further studies in school and training System.

These are ways that have value both in terms of social inclusion and in terms of the possibility of future employment for young people. This type of course has been in operation for many years, but for the first time it was explicitly provided by the Puglia Region Department of Work and Vocational Training in all courses. “Legality Desk”. Therefore, all Apulian children attending the courses will address the issue of legality in the three-year period, with actions that also target their families, such as individual advice from experts and legal disciplines, through meetings with Representatives of state institutions, with the forces of order, with associations for the fight against illegality and more.

The intervention of the regional manager is planned LUIGI DE LUCA because, again in the three-year course plan, a training module opens up “Security and expansion of cultural heritage”, artistic and landscape of Puglia to stimulate knowledge and love for their country. Because education for “beauty” also favors legality.

The seminar will be concluded by the Brindisi Public Prosecutor’s Office ANTONIO DE DONNOas a testament to the attention and proximity of the judicial offices to the new generations for the education of a very young age of the culture of legality

The meeting will be attended by operators from education, schools and the social security system.

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