“To be seen at school or on the grass by the side of the roots”

Patrizia Casella Piccinini, teacher and candidate on the Democratic Party’s list to support Mayor Francesco Raspini, stresses the importance of a school and therefore of an education that is capable of leaving no one behind.

Casella Piccinini makes a premise: “Lucca deserves to grow in all its parts” is the thought of our mayoral candidate Francesco Raspini and me. And in fact, the programmatic proposals on sport, culture, environment, health, … go in that direction. It is true that our community has ‘given it all’ in recent years, but it is undeniable that there is still much to do.

As far as the school is concerned, the critical issues that are being addressed as soon as possible obviously concern the structural aspects and the safety of the school buildings but – says Casella Piccinini – from my point of view, that is that of the teacher, the other Node. concerns students who show “suffering” in school.

I am thinking in particular of dropouts, that is to say the part of the school population which has not overcome its learning difficulties or which has become the ‘default’ of the school.

In fact, as he explains: “These are the children who enroll in the education agencies’ courses at the end of high school or after the first two years of high school, after failure or VET (Education and Vocational Training) way., Often because it is their only choice.

Courses, funded by the region and by European funds, are completely free, but not always sufficient to achieve academic success and complete studies.

I also think of all the other students who are ill to varying degrees at school.

“Here’s the other bad thing about face to face.”

He then emphasizes: “In short, it is not enough to take care of ‘the body’ (school building), but it is necessary, fundamental and a priority, to ‘take care of’ the mind ‘(that is, the children) so that they are really active and become responsible citizens.

It is also important for us to ask ourselves what went wrong in these ways, which together affect the community. “

Casella Piccinini explains: “By thinking about school flying along a continuous circle that goes from bottom to top and vice versa, we just need to analyze the individual stages of education to address the weaknesses of the school z ‘to understand what has gone wrong. of the roots’ (Premio Viareggio 1977) in which the author. comes with himself and becomes more deeply aware of the relationships of life “.

He adds: “So I believe we need to rethink the concepts of DEMOCRACY, TRAINING and PREVENTION in order to put it CONCRETE into our reality. I think of sports, music, theater, … which must have priority. Role in this growth process.I think about the enjoyment of playing and educating, I think about a school of cultural exchange with other countries, I think about how many opportunities can arise from it all.

I do not consciously deal with other issues concerning the school, and there are many, so as not to get bored. “

He concludes with the words of Francesco Raspini: “We must invest heavily in prevention, the goal of health and environmental policy, and the policy of sport, and social policy, in all policies, because d “The aim must not only be to promote health but also to promote the cure for disease but also as a condition for the well-being of the people.”

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