Three cases in which the single check increases from 20 to 500 Euros (without fraud)

The allowance for individual children is to be paid on the basis of the ISEE of the family unit. As the ISEE value increases, the amount for each child decreases. For ISEE over € 40,000 the amount is the minimum of € 50 per child.

Who has the right to the only check

The only permission is for dependent children, ie those who are part of the family unit for ISEE purposes. In detail, the service competes for:

  • any dependent child of minor Alter
  • for any adult dependent child up to 21 years, provided that one of the following conditions is met for the child:
    • Participation in a school or vocational training or a final course
    • do an internship or a job and have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year
    • Registration as unemployed and jobseeker in the public employment services
    • to carry out the Universal Civil Service
  • for all disabled child dependent, without age limits.

How do I reduce ISEE

A first legal way to get a higher lump sum is to lower the ISEE value of the household.


A family consists of a father, mother and three children, of whom 2 are minors and 1 is 25 years old. He works and has an annual income of 25,000 euros.

In this example, the income of the adult child, together with that of the rest of the family, contributes to the ISEE value. Therefore, one might think about bringing the 25 year old boy out of the family unit. In this way, the ISEE value of the family unit, valid for purposes of the Allocation Allocation for the other two minor children, decreases, thereby increasing the amount to be paid.

The INPS also offers a free online calculation simulator.

Single check increase: there are increases

Another legal way to get a single check amount plus another is the so-called Surcharge provided for at the legislative level. In particular, we are referring to the increases for:

  • Presence of two working parents
  • Family unit with mother under the age of 21
  • Presence of additional children per second or non-independent children; Minors with disabilities.

Also in this case, the less the ISEE of the family unit, the higher the increase.

Finally, a third (indirect) way to increase performance is the possibility of Cumulation with other subsidies because of the children. For example, the crèche bonus.

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