This political panorama on all sides portends strong abstentions in the September vote-

The Pd leader Enrico Letta has relaunched in the last days, directly criticized by other parties, the proposal of a “dowry” of about 10 thousand euros for every eighteen year old to use money for their own school and university training, for housing or to start a business. The funding is expected to come with an inheritance tax on multi-billion dollar assets.

PIERCARLO BARALE – Letta should avoid shooting Berlusconi. He dug up the Messina bridge and proposed to increase all pensions to one thousand euros per month. For this last shot, it is about several billion a month, suitable for creating a new debt and risking our European intervention in the Greek style. The Messina Bridge, like the Phoenix, is reborn at every Sicilian or national election round. Another shot of Berlusconi is the sure achievement of 20% of the consensus, which is followed by the indication of the Prime Minister for Palazzo Chigi: perhaps himself, if not the trusted Tajani.

Letta will probably have calculated how many over 18-year-olds appear at the polling stations for the first time. Whenever they put their feet in the seats. They probably go to the sea or the mountains. I had suspended my observations for the summer break and the excessive heat, but the nausea of ​​the politics that led to Draghi’s shameful jubilation made me want to write. Not out of sympathy for the families of the poor dead millionaires who pay a paltry 1% on real estate, but because I find the idea of ​​the aspiring prime minister “crazy” if the left wins. It is ridiculous to give an unexpected and “crazy” gift to any 18-year-old, rich, poor, regardless of everything.

In general, the idea of ​​a “patrimonial” can also be good. They apply it in the United States, where 40% of the income is paid in addition to the federal tax, which varies between the different states. In Texas it is 1%, while in California it is 15. Properties worth more than $1 million – a beautiful house in the country, but a two-bedroom in the city – pay 1% as a federal tax. And Florida – the good pension of millions of retired Americans and currently Trump – is not worth it. So it doesn’t seem right to me that we often find that taxes are lower in America. For professionals, traders, entrepreneurs there is no big difference. In addition, private health insurances, without which the various treatments risk the quality and the services themselves, cost around 1500 euros per month for each income-producing person.

Many 18-year-olds today who have graduated from high school want to enroll in university. Our system is very welcoming and has applied the constitutional precept. So that the able and deserving, even if they have no means, participate with scholarships suitable to cover the teaching and stay in the chosen place on competition. For those who have an excellent degree and a limited ISEE, it is easy to pass the entrance exam and keep the benefits for the duration of the course. In the USA, even the most prestigious universities pay full exceptional scholarships. There is talk of forty to seventy thousand dollars a year for enrollment alone and they host the winners for the entire course of study. The prestigious universities are not economically accessible to the middle and lower class, unless the student is a genius. So it happened that they were visited by the children of the rich or excessively rich, often lazy and ignorant. Thanks to the money of the “popes” they achieve – perhaps a little late – the prestigious degree for their origin, but suitable to enter a limited world of children of the arts and the professions. Not in the public service or in the big universities.

Each round of elections highlights a large number of aspiring parliamentarians. The lavish prebends – a total of around €15,000 per month in salary – attract more idlers than professionals with an established company. Entrepreneurs capable and committed to the company, valuable doctors who care about patients and not politics, everyone who succeeded in work and derived personal and family maintenance and prestige from it, continues his work and does not look at Rome.

Grillo’s “One is worth one”, with the blockade after the two elections, is the result of the establishment of the party movement organized with Casaleggio. Those appointed, if elected, must be loyal to the movement. We had the public works block and also the wheel benches. There remained clouds and questions about the movement’s relations with China and Russia. In other parties we will see a few faces again, because a few percentage points will go to Grillo and he will sit in the chamber with a brand new value.

Unfortunately – and this is not good for real democracy – many will go to the sea or the mountains or simply stay at home, because they are tired of the sight of the usual faces that are now met, that are offered to the polling stations , to copy the pencil.

Piercarlo Barale

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