“Thirty fewer classes It’s hard to defend schools” – Chronicle

The Lucca school is in one sentence: 30 classes less – effect of the reductions of the teachers – means the inclination in view of the new school year. Donatella Buonriposi, director of the Territorial School Bureau, tries not to overdo the pill: “Next year, we will know no more how to defend our schools and ‘small schools’, especially those in the mountain villages,” she says bitterly. .

The school emergency was at the heart of the online meeting, which took place just with Manager Buonriposi, all Garfagnana mayors, Regional Councilor Nardini and Regional Councilor Puppa, and Ilaria Baroni, School Inspector Delegate. “During the meeting, we discussed the staff, emphasizing – explains manager Buonripos – that the inclusion of teachers of physical activity at no cost reduced about 30 places in the school. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that we faced with a disturbing birth rate.

In fact, the Ministry has decided with the budget law to introduce 30 teachers of motor sciences in the primary school and this brings about the loss of so many subject chairs not only in the primary school but with a propagating effect in all other schools. In addition, there are the 43 teachers who have already been cut in the last two years. This is not enough: the demographic decline – which is currently affecting more children in primary schools – leads to other “automatic” reductions, even if the birth rate in the specific territories has different values. The real risk is the creation of 7 multi-classes in the primary school. An alarm bell ringing very loudly.

“In the meeting, we all agreed that mountain areas need to be protected by setting up a separate staff if we want to reduce the number of students per class and also the formation of multi-classes – explains the supervisor Donatella Buonripos -. 2 years ago we suffered a severe constraint that we carry with us every year, and now we find ourselves screwing the floor. By next year, we know no more how to defend our schools – he emphasizes. “In fact, we can fix different situations for the staff, but we can not guarantee the quality that our schools have been able to guarantee up to now. In a next meeting with the mayors, we will illustrate in fact staff where we can intervene.”

Laura Sartini

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