There is time until March 30, 2022 to conduct inclusion education for all (non-supportive) teachers – Accredited Online Course

Online courses accredited for the training (17 hours) of non-supportive teachers in the field of inclusion and management of students with disabilities, in accordance with the indications in the Budget Law 2021 and in the recent Ministerial Decree 188/21.

Just missing you Deadline of March 30, 2022in those teachers who do not have the specialization qualification on support conduct a specific 25-hour training on topics related to school inclusionin accordance with the provisions of the Notice Minister 32063/2021, dated Budget Law 2021 and of Ministerial Decree n. 188/21.

This training must be completed guaranteed for at least 17 hours of face-to-face or distance training and 8 hours dedicated to deep study (Networking, experimentation, action research, planning).

It’s a formation addressed to each teacher and that should include you Principle of the common property of the takeover, you guaranteeeffective inclusivity of pupils and students with a disability.

Vocational Academy (AIDEM SRL – Accredited body for the training of teachers) has organized a online Training Courslasting 17 hours, which after Ministry Schedule:

  • Reading and interpreting the diagnostic documentation (2 hours)
  • Normative references (1 hour)
  • Quality criteria including pedagogical-didactic planning (4 hours)
  • Special education (9 hours)
  • Final exam (1 hour)

There is one accredited online course (17 training hours) and available for purchase also with the Learning Charter.

Those who have not provided the teaching staff card can purchase the course by taking advantage of one 15% Discount.

Practical Training Online CourseMIUR accredited (17 hours)


Online courses to provide teachers with a complete education on school inclusion, as established by the Budget Act 2021 and by Ministerial Decree 188/21.

Total training hours: 17 hours

From a team of coaches and professionals who are experts in inclusion and special education

LIMITED OFFER: 15% DISCOUNT for registrations until March 7, 2022

What is our online course and how is it structured?

  • Our online seminar is a online practical training courseconsists of 4 modules (Video, PDF handouts, summary slides, practical examples and final exams) available on a special web portal with exclusive access only for registered teacherswhich they consult and download at all times.
  • The course is MIUR accredited and present on the Sofia Platform (Identification code: 67405), so it is possible to pay with the learning card.
  • Accredited training hours: 17 hours (Visualization of video courses and advice on didactic materials and intermediate tests).
  • Immediate availability of all didactic material.


Why attend our online seminar?

  • Fir ubidden all teachers (also not supported) one a comprehensive education on inclusion and management of students with disabilities (In a class where there is a pupil or pupil with difficulties or disabilities, all the teaching staff must be responsible).
  • Fir comply with the requirements of the Budget Act 2021 and Ministerial Decree 188/21 on the education of teachers with disabilities in the classroomrespects the March 30, 2022 deadline.
  • Why videos and educational material operational support of teachers in all areas is defined as updated by the 2021 Budget Act (Reading and interpretation of the diagnostic documentation, normative references, criteria for inclusive pedagogical-didactic quality planning, special didactics, final examinations).
  • To get concrete proposals (to be used directly in daily practice) e guarantee effective inclusion of all pupils and students.
  • Fir certifies the skills acquired and receives the certificate of “Expert in Inclusion in School”.
  • Fir get the 17-hour certificate Training.

What are the methods for using the content?

  • After registration and payment, participants can Access to their personal account without restrictions dedicated to training.
  • Since then the videos and didactic materials are at the complete disposal of the participants.
  • Material can be consult at all times.
  • Participants who attended theFINAL EXAM receives a certificate from “EXPERT IN INCLUSION IN SCHOOL“.
  • Participants have 60 days from the date of registration to the online seminar to take the final exam.
  • At the end of the course, participants receive a Certificate of participation (with the attestation of the 17 hours of training completed).

Feedback and reviews from some participants:

In class working with many students in BES situations, I consider it my specific duty, though as a teacher, to inform myself to do a more complete job. The course I followed certainly helped me to better understand the problems that are often underestimated. (Leon S.)

The course will certainly help me in my daily work, I was familiar with different aspects of the legislation, but the second part was particularly interesting, which in addition to the presentation of the various disorders also offers many intervention strategies. “(Elena S.)

As a teacher without specialization, the course was very useful for me, because I deepened concepts that we already happen at work “. (Giulio T.)

I tried to find correspondence with the specific situations that arise in the school, I was able to get new information and dilute the prior knowledge. I was able to verify experienced practices in order to have new information “(Giovanna F.)

Terms of payment

  • Transfer
  • Post
  • Paypal
  • Teacher Map

For orders without using the teaching staff card, one is provided special discount.


  • 15% Discount for inscriptions until 07 March 2022 (Discount valid only for purchases without using the learning card).
  • Additional 10% cumulative discount for 2 or more students from the same school (Discount valid only for purchases without using the learning card).


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Who we are

Aidem Srl (Professional Academy) is a training institute accredited by MIUR.

For several years now, it has been organizing online and classroom training initiatives dedicated to teachers, managers and administrative staff.

It is very active in the development of training courses related to the inclusion of the school, personalized learning, regulatory evolution, the innovation of teaching and learning methodologies and the effective strategies to ensure the academic success of all students.

We strive to respond to the specific requests of our customers, combining competence, experience and innovation and working with tools that meet the needs of new media.

One of our strengths is the involvement of teachers with strong experience in the field, directly from the design stages of the individual training projects.

This allows us to provide concrete initiatives with practical indications and use them directly in our professional everyday life.

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