There are no seasonal workers, Ukrainian refugees are coming to La Spezia a Accord signed by La Spezia Prefecture and of Chamber of Commercea contribution to the solution Lack of seasonal workers in the hospitality sector and especially of the Tourism and of Catering. Adult refugees of Ukrainian nationality who apply will be offered the opportunity to access quarterly contracts. As the only restriction on membership they have to take an Italian language course.

At the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a similar proposal was made by Friuli, on the initiative of Fipe-Confcommercio In the Federalberghi. The problem has actually been widespread throughout Italy for some time.

There is no seasonal tourism, refugees come to La Spezia

The project is launched by the Prefecture of La Spezia, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Trade Associations, to give Ukrainian refugees the opportunity to work as seasonal workers in the hospitality and catering sector.

To date, 608 Ukrainians have arrived in La Spezia province since the outbreak of the war, half of them minors. “Compared to other types of migration, Ukrainians generally have a high level of education behind them,” he said. Andrea Minghi by the Provincial Center for Adult Education at the time of signing the document.

Applicants will be offered the opportunity to obtain quarterly catering and accommodation contracts. The only restriction is to attend an Italian language course

Meetings to match supply and demand are held in La Spezia, Sarzana and Levanto. These are attended by companies looking for staff: refugees are given the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire, which serves as a curriculum.

The project is aimed at those who want to stay longer in Italy

“Businesses are complaining, especially this year, about a severe shortage of staff in many sectors, particularly in the tourism sector – he explains Giuseppe Menchelli, Director of Confcommercio La Spezia interviewed by Città della Spezia, at the time of signing. “This agreement allows, in the future, to calibrate the offer on the skills that these people have – said the prefect instead. Maria Luisa Inversini “The literacy course is the first starting point for obtaining a possible nationality examination”.

The first proposal was made in Friuli

The agreement reached in La Spezia refers to the initiative launched at the beginning of the conflict in Friuli on the initiative of Fipe-Confcommercio and Federalberghi. “We are in a phase of staff shortage,” said Antonio Dalla Mora, President of Fipe Friuli, interviewed by Italia and Tavola. was abused: open, closed, reopened, closed and so on ».


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