There are 20 students from the De Cecco hotel industry who have just finished their graduations: the names

Twenty students have just finished schoolFrom Cecco Hotelier with full mark. This was announced by the teacher Alessandra Di Pietrospeaks of “Magnifici 100” or those who have just completed 100 cents in the final exams.

A large number, as evidenced by the preparation of our children, who find their reason in the characterization of our institute, are capable of offering education of both excellence and quality, and motivating, but above all a school that despite the two years Covid- 19, has succeeded in providing our children with continuous stimuli. A reason for pride for all our teachers, for the school management and for the children themselves, who through such a high diploma access to every university, and indeed under the excellent material, are already preparing for some of the entrance tests. University faculties with limited numbers, others are already admitted to Alma and other highly specialized academies in gastronomy “.

Di Pietro went on to talk about an exceptional school year, with a significant result for the 20 graduates with 100, and recalls the many collaborations and partnerships with companies and public bodies.

“These relationships have enabled our young people to develop interests, dig up topics and think about the future, form a generation of students, motivated to study and able to maximize their results and their knowledge. Ipssar ‘De Cecco ‘Hotel Institute offers many only vocational training, but it guarantees a useful training to continue the studies in the post-diploma step. achieved results are the best testimonials of the in our institute.Among our 100, among whom 5 have earned praise, are the boys who studied in the faculties of agri-food techniques and gastronomic sciences or even the faculties of sociology , Criminology, Economics, Political Science., Languages, one at the University of Cultural Mediation. health professions, then they chose the highly specialized education with the school of Igino Marchesi in the academy of Niko Romito. “

The 20 students who received the highest score in the state exams, or 100, are the following: Valeria Ciccone, Erika Torrieri, Chiara Micomonaco, Christian Galluzzi, Antonio Stallone, Giorgia Barbetta, Andrea Di Felice, Laura Rinaldi, Gianmarco Simone, Samuele Ricci , Giorgia D’Olimpio, Alice Giancaterino, Benedetta San Giorgio, Nicolò Gelsumino, Emanuele Cannone. The following students received the mark of 100 with honors: Amanda Albiniano, Francesca Troia, Noemi Ciarallo, Amy Lanesi, Alexia Lanesi.


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