“The young people are coming out ready, but the number of hours has to be abolished”

School and work. A combination which, when perfectly married in other European countries, has always been a critical issue in Italy. Or rather the criticism. With students constantly looking for a job that does not exist. Or at least not easy to intercept. However, there is a kind of school education which, according to a survey by Eduscopio, the portal of the Agnelli Foundation, does not seem to have overcome these problems, or at least has overcome them, in line with the EU trend. We’re talking about the course of the Hotel Institut. Where Rimini and Riccione stand out for their effectiveness. Effectiveness, of course, to find work. Right away. Just put your foot outside the “Malatesta” or “Savioli”. A job in which one honors one’s skills and uses the learned knowledge, as claimed by the principals of the two schools, in a kind of response to the famous chef of the Bell’Aria restaurant, Pasquale Ferraro, who the other day from the Columns of the Corriere Romagna, speaking of “students who come out of the hotel schools with a poor technical preparation and who after five years can not distinguish a corpse from a celery”

Underlined by Ornella Scaringi, Dean of the Malatesta Hotel Institute in Rimini: «Once our students have completed their studies and completed their high school diploma, they can easily enter the labor market. And with very low waiting times. A demonstration of good theoretical preparation, but also and above all practical ».

Seven out of ten find work

And the Eduscopio data support what the teacher said: In fact, 7 out of ten students find work in Rimini when school is over. Scaringi states: “The data is as follows: out of an annual average of 90 young graduates, 74% find work in the Rimini region. And with a waiting period of only 125 days. While 12% enroll in university. I can say that it is the result of a school path, which consists of book study, but also experience in the field, as it happens in the 300 hours of training internships in the company. This is why we are working to identify opportunities for first-level apprenticeships that are capable of combining this school-work-education relationship. After all, there are demands for work from companies in the tourism sector. Even many, even one from a large hotel in Riccione, for a cook. And – concludes the teacher of the “Malatesta” – next school year, at the direct request of the municipality of Bellaria, we will also open a connected section of our hotel there: the place will be the Palacongressi ».

The Savioli of Riccione

That the hotel institute today is more than ever a guarantee of a fast occupation, is also confirmed by the data of Riccione. Explains the President of the “Savioli”, Luciano Antonelli. “The number of job offers that come to us from the companies on the Riviera is much higher than what we can cover every year. This is because our institute is able to guarantee highly qualified staff. Suffice it to say , that out of a total of eight hundred enrolled students – 100, 120 graduate each year – there are some who come from San Marino, but also Rimini, Fano and even Pesaro, a municipality that has its own hotel institute.

According to Eduscopio, the Green Pearl Hotel Institute travels with a very high percentage: 75% of graduates actually find work within a few months.

“What I believe is fundamental in the relationship between the company and the young worker – says the boss of the ‘Savioli’ – is the working relationship. Working hours are important for a boy, and those adopted on the Riviera are often very hard. “a change in the mentality of Riviera hoteliers, which I seem to see from meetings with the association. A change in mentality, that is to say, to meet the needs of new graduates, which facilitates the number of working hours per week.”

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