The world of school and politics asks itself after the fight ended in a video on TikTok

PORTO SANT’ELPIDIO – The challenge on TikTok, the cry Saturday and via Rubicone, it makes you think. The colonies of children on trains from neighboring municipalities met in the center to fight each other and post a video “Many factors could be put in place to explain how these phenomena arise – says the Councilor for Education, Schools and Youth Policy, Emanuela Ferracuti -: Digital exploits the image and diffusion is currently and on a large scale, the risk that this Events Changing fashion phenomena makes us rethink how important communication is in the years we experience. The health emergency does not help, but in the face of the massive explosion of digital technology, it places an educational obligation on these tools. “

Throughout the year, the Center Urbani offers pedagogical courses that go far beyond just school education. Manager Laura D’Ignazi points out that “unfortunately, the school is also witnessing the disorientation of young people and the causes are manifold: from the disappearance of adult reference figures to the values ​​in question. D “The task of the school and the family is to maintain a constructive dialogue. At our institute, we try to prioritize educational goals by collaborating with external experts.”

The Principal recalls that on Monday a visit was made by the prefect of Fermo Vincenza Filippi to talk to the students about the Constitution, hospitality, legality. Ignazi also recalls that the school introduced the figure of the psychologist, a support for parents and children. Deputy Mario Andrenacci says the youth distress is becoming alarming. “These episodes occur not only in metropolises but also in small provincial territories: forms of youth comfort must be welcomed in school and in the family with daily, quiet, constant and long-term work. The school must do its part.”

The averages are not immune from the problem. The director of the Rodari Marconi Institute, Ombretta Gentili, recalls the three-year project “All in one carriage” and “the workshops in the classroom with the educator and the counter with the psychologist. We intervene in the classes and try to resolve conflicts and d ‘Issues for young people’s issues, says the director – and we involve teachers and parents in the meetings. “Fdi’s provincial councilor and coordinator Andrea Balestrieri noted that young people come together to fight against each other, rather than play or do something constructive. Reflection is required from the middle school on. ”



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