The world of comics by Elena Cerisciola “I made my dream come true”

Elena Cerisciola

Vun Federica Temperini *

“When I was growing up, I wanted to be a cartoonist and I did it.” There is enthusiasm in the words of Elena Cerisciola, 27, professional artist and cartoonist from Porto Sant’Elpidio. Her nickname on the internet is cheriscelle_ and she is the author of comics like “The Village of Lost Memories” story in Montecosaro and with fantasy elements of our local folklore.

How did your passion for comics begin?
“She was born watching Japanese cartoons as a child and then read my first manga, ‘Dragonball’ in seventh grade.”

Are there any comic book authors you admire?
Yes, then, Mojoko Anno, author of the famous manga “Sugar Sugar Rune”, Asano Inio, author of “End of the World and Before Sunrise” of 2008, and Tony Sandoval, author of works including “A Thousand Storms” . “.

Genres of comics that you like more than others, do you like more, if so why?
“Yes, especially the piece of life I like, I think life telling, in its simplest facets, from personal experiences, is the best way to empathize with the reader.”

Your education?
“Very far from my artistic side in high school I was forced to go to a vocational school, but then I decided to go to the International School of Comics in Jesi, against everyone’s will, I followed my heart and it went well “.


How did you find yourself at the International School of Comics?
“Very good, even if it was difficult at first, because they did not look good in the ‘manga’ style.”

When you were in high school, what did you think about your future, did you already have this plan in mind or did you think of another job that you would like to do?
“I wanted to be a cartoonist. I was always a person with clear ideas.”

Work techniques?
“I went from paper to digital. I have to say that for the amount of work I did, it really was a blessing!”

You wrote a comic book called “The Village of Lost Memories”, what is it about?
“Then the story is set purely in Montecosaro and today. It’s about this girl, Rebecca, 19, who begins to have a recurring nightmare that reminds her of a part of her forgotten childhood where she spent a whole She disappeared without a trace. She only remembers, after being found, a porcelain doll hanging from a window and sitting on the stars. From here she decides to return to Montecosaro, where she meets her childhood friend Lorenzo and together they try to find Rebecca’s lost memory.


What inspired you to write it?
“I was inspired by a whole series of events that I experienced first hand. In addition to the disappearance, topics like the figure of the ‘mother’ and ‘abandonment’ are discussed in the story.”

Are there any tips you want to give to those who want to go this route and how do you become a cartoonist?
“Above all, read a lot of comics and go to the cinema a lot. You can learn a lot from directors.
Lots of study and comparison with others. Well, if you want to do this job, you have to consider the possible “doors in your face” that will unfortunately be ».

Do you think “Mickey Mouse” is a good start for kids and get them into comics?
“Oh yes, sure! I read them too as a child, they are very educational”.

Are there any anime or manga that you would recommend to those starting out in this small world?
“I highly recommend the manga of Asano Inio and the anime Nana.”

* Federica Temperini, 4D class student of the artistic high school “Cantalamessa” in Macerata. Article made in the context of the Alternanza scuola lavoro project

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