The words of Bruno Barosio, the center-left candidate for mayor of Acqui

ACQUI TERME – 68 years old, exponent of the Democratic Party and now retired manager of the province, will Bruno Barosio the mayoral candidate of the coalition of Center left at the next elections Acqui Terme. Barosio will represent Pd, Italia Viva, Action and Article 1. In his speech, he recalls know Acqui for over 50 years, after being born in the province of Asti. Already Mayor of Bistagno for two termsnow Barosio counts on the triangle of the spa town.

“As mayor, I did what I would do in Acqui: Research and definition of actions for creating local development that produces wealth and well-being for the community. The company is constantly evolving; Things change quickly and change must be managed, otherwise the change will produce its effects without dampening. I want to prioritize the listening policy in my administrative activity in order to deepen the knowledge about the problems of the city and identify the solutions. I recognize the value and importance of intermediaries, trade associations, private voluntary and cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, with whom I want to speak both during and after the election campaign. I love the politics of confrontation and proposition; it is necessary to know what exists in order to choose the appropriate policy for the development of the future “.

I think Acqui needs to rebuild its identity and it must return to be known both for the values ​​that represent its natural contribution, and for those that must be conceived and built in coherence with the qualities and talents. Acqui was always well known as the most beautiful of the leading cities in the province of Alessandria; its territory is Monferrato, which is an internationally known and esteemed brand; we can not fail to take advantage of this position income. Acqui terme, City of tourism, City of fun, City of culture. These are the three most significant areas of intervention that I will be working on in the coming years. They are intimately connected and coherent sectors; each of them is a part of a whole and it is this link and this coherence that determines the added value of the whole. To achieve this goal, however, it is necessary eliminates the ballast accumulated over time and find solutions to problems that may frustrate the main commitment of my administration: the attraction of investment “.

In his speech, Barosio immediately raised the question of spa. “I think the crisis was in the Acquese Spa sector significantly caused by the monopoly situation in the use of the thermal resource “sot de Barosio “For almost a century, since 1935, the exploitation of the thermal resource has been the prerogative of a single issue; first a public entity, then for a few years a private company. However, it would even be wrong to say that it was used exclusively because in reality lately there has been exclusive “non-use”the factories are almost completely closed. The wealth of the city of Acqui, the thermal water, is now forgotten under our feet; the monopolist does not use it alone, nor does it allow it to be used by others; it does not allow to use water nor does it allow the opening of the structures it owns, such as swimming pools and establishments and hotels, which at least until recently offered hospitality and care. Monopoly management prevents the entry of new entrepreneurs into new businesses in the sector. Today we are faced with a paradox of such magnitude that even a simple question like: “when concessions expire” can cause a nervous breakdown; because they give you at least three or four different dates depending on whether you consider the 1935 document or the legislative source of the 90s, or, perhaps, the subtle rationale that begins with the transformation of eternal concessions into temporary ones. The Festival of Insecurity. The new administration has to work with this uncertainty if the concessions become consistent again, the municipality of Acqui can state its opinion both for the choice of the methods of the task and for the terms of use of the future assignee. The attraction of investment, it was said in the thermal and tourist areas; well this can only happen later solving the problem of the contestability of thermal water. When this happens, a marketing and research operation must be initiated by entrepreneurs in the sector or related sectors, interested in investing in an area that buys company that is potentially promising, with still low asset values ​​and with an administration open to support and accompany serious investment plans. May when we work on free concessions, we must also intervene on other fronts and draw up realistic and convincing development plans this will allow us to engage with future investors about the actions for the development of Acqui City of Tourism, Acqui City of Terme, Acqui City of Culture “.

Barosio also noted that “she long, on the forehead Tourism, There is a lack of planning of city events that give the economy a boost. It will be necessary to program a plan of promotional initiatives, broad fairs that can be repetitive and suitable for promoting the food and wine excellence of the city and the territory. Tourist expansion must lead to have the organic inclusion of citizens in the Monferrato enlargement initiatives, to exploit and strengthen a brand; it is necessary to take initiatives to improve the resources of the territory (trekking, cycling tourism, wine tourism, food and wine, improving the proximity to historic cities, tourism, etc.) to bring them into the system even if the effects may are due to the success of the initiatives related to water thermal. However, the strengthening of the development initiatives of a large area must be pursued with commitment; like yesterday in the role of mayor of a city in the Acqui area, I looked at Acqui as an important partner for the development of the whole territory, tomorrow I am trying to work with the municipalities of Acqui to create an extended tourist swing. This vision is not the result of a sudden exposure, which also seems to have struck the mayors of Acqui Terme, who in the past were the defenders of the clear separation between the city and the cities of Acqui and today a great territorial alliance pleading for “going beyond the thermal baths.” In my idea of ​​the future of the city, thermal activity remains central, and you must do whatever is necessary to regain possession of the resource and to do so, yes, the engine not only of the city, but of the whole territory “.

According to Barosio, also on the front Culture “It’s necessary promote and disseminate everything that already exists (archeological sites, historical beauties, works of art) by implementing initiatives and events, the events in addition to those already taking place successfully (Acqui history, Acqui environment, published and unpublished, Biennial of engraving, anthological exhibition). It is also necessary to identify suitable places to include these initiatives and it would be wonderful to combine the Archaeological Museum with a traditional museum with an exhibition of permanent works and home for other artistic initiatives. Supports the initiative of the private citizens who are already in place to promote the “secret” artistic paths of our city, of great charm. Following the actions in the above three directions, all interventions in the urban planning area are then aimed at restoring the beauty of the city, favoring the renovation of buildings, improving their sustainability, reducing costs and energy consumption . At one time, a city like Acqui Terme began the complex procedure of general variation of the master plan to identify new areas of expansion; today I believe more attention should be paid to the improvement of the existing urban fabric, rehabilitation of the internal pedestrian, bicycle and motorway network, the changes necessary to overcome the critique of areas and parts of the city that had been obscured for too long by fictitious palisades or left to a fate of abandonment. Then maximum attention is paid to the problems of social cohesion; the improvement of existing measures to protect the vulnerable, the creation of new jobs, the optimization of school education, inter alia through the renovation of school buildings, which show some disturbing scars. Not all aspects can be considered here; they will be discussed during the election debate and will be the subject of the mandate program that will be announced. Program that will be later implemented with the work I intend to do within the first 120 days of my term of office, when I analyze the documents, I will set up consultation tables with the city forces to listen to ideas, know the expectations and criticisms of the communal system. I will ask the internal workers, their best skills along with those of external consultants, but also of private citizens who are already committed to the recovery of the city. I will activate the necessary tools and structures to seek the financial resources provided for in national and Community programming (Pnrr, European Structural Funds, private contributions and so on) and I will devote myself in particular to the examination of the new legislation on third sector entities, in order to bring the many people who are privately involved in the field of volunteering, solidarity, non-profit, sports, assistance, and a collaborative network with the community. And already at the end of this calendar year, I will be reviewing this work, because I will be preparing an annual report on the activity of the commune for each year of the city council. “

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