the vulnerability index excludes 21 municipalities from the funds

VENICE – Half of the municipalities of Metropolitan City excluded from the financing of Pnrr via integrated city plans. After the doubts of the last days, it is beginning to become clear about the use of the first community funds of the provincial body.

Friday, after a series of meetings with the mayors video conferenceit turned out that the projects of 21 municipalities of the Venetian provincial territory can not be included in the maxi-plan of the Metropolitan City. The social and material weakness index (a number constructed by synthesizing seven indicators that relate to the most relevant dimensions of social and material weakness, such as the percentage of families with 6 or more members, the percentage of incidence of young people outside of work. Market and education and the percentage incidence of the population and conditions of severe overpayment), included in the decree law as a watershed for the distribution of funds, places these 21 municipalities under the group of “virtuous” and therefore, in this case, it excludes them from the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The median index of the metropolitan city of Venice is 97.36. Anyone below is unfortunately excluded. This index has already been criticized on the occasion of the national ban on urban regeneration, where many municipalities over the 15 thousand inhabitants. The ranking has rewarded most municipalities in the South, except 90 percent of those in the North.

Anci Venetobut then also the associations of Municipalities throughout Italytogether with the mayors and parliamentarians raised the issue and forced the government to distribute more 900 million by scrolling through the rankings and guaranteeing funding for projects that were considered valid but without funding. Now the same index creates inequalities in the metropolitan area, arouses anger and disbelief among the mayors. The Metropolitan City Project had one will be 139 million. According to the decree, the program had to have at least one economic dimension 50 million of Euro. After reserving this minimum amount for the renovation project of the Venice Stadium, considered to be a metropolitan identity and proposed directly by the Metropolitan City, they became available 89 million for the metro network program, which contains the initiative projects of the individual municipalities. Projects should focus on maintenance for the recycling and ecologically sustainable renovation of existing public buildings and structures, for purposes of public interest; improving the quality of urban decoration in the social and ecological fabric, with particular reference to the development and expansion of social and cultural services and the promotion of cultural and sporting activities and interventions, for related projects; with “smart cities”, in particular on transport and energy consumption. All of the proposed projects have gone in that direction, but those of the communities that are better off socially are currently being put in the drawer, awaiting further calls and new funding.

The Democratic Party’s regional councilors speak of “distortions that must be absolutely eliminated”, Francesca Zottis and Jonathan Montanariello, who called on the Metropolitan Mayor Brugnaro to act together with the first citizens of the other communes to ask Rome for the necessary changes for a more equitable redistribution of funds. It is also urgent for the deputies of «« to monitor the application of the Weakness Index. The territory – he said – has presented worthy projects that need to be objectively assessed. The funds of the PNRR are a breath of fresh air for the municipalities and there can be no distortion in their allocation ».


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