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For over 70 years, the historic Liceo Silvestri offers young people a complete preparation: from study to scientific research, to extracurricular training activities

PORTICI | METROPOLITAN CITY OF NAPLES – The Liceo, named after Filippo Silvestri today, was the first scientific high school established in the city of the Royal Palace.

The Institute’s yearbook reads: Back in 1949, with Resolution no. 197 of the city council was established the first course of the Lycée Municipal scientifique. One of the first state institutions in the country was born out of the need to provide young Porticans with adequate scientific preparation, which would give them, among other things, access to the Higher School of Agriculture, today the Department of Agrar.

In Portici, the link with the university and research was strengthened in 1962 when the municipal high school was transformed into a political science institute and named after the illustrated entomologist Filippo Silvestri.

More than seventy years have passed since then and the historic high school of science in Piazza San Pasquale offers young people in the region a complete preparation, ranging from study to scientific research, but also by resorting to extracurricular training events, such as. singing or sporting events, for example.

In fact, the next Monday, May 30thto the MAV | Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum, Liceo Scientifico Filippo Silvestri still offers a new show dedicated to Eduardo De Filippo. The students of the Acting studioled by director Elisabetta D’Acunzo flanked by actor Ernesto Lama, will pay homage to the great Neapolitan playwright with a collage of scenes from his most famous comedies with a single staging of the poem. By Pretore Vincenzo and the funny one-act act The numbers from many years ago.

Again, al Bourbon Gallop of the Royal Palace of Portici Monday, June 13 at 6:30 p.m. the final presentation of the activities of the polyphonic choir is provided SilvestrInCanto.

After the break due to the pandemic, the choir resumed its activities this school year with about 30 students.

The polyphonic choir was born in the school year 2012/13 as an institutional project, and has since been led by Maestro Carlo Intoccia and then by Professor Anna Rosa Ricco, this year supported by Professor Mario Ascione.

Choral activity is performed in polyphony. The students are divided into the chords of sopranos, elders, tenors and basses and prepare a varied repertoire, ranging from cultured and popular ancient music to modern genres.

Part of the repertoire is performed in a cappella, part accompanied by string, wind and percussion instruments.

The concert is dedicated to the recently deceased former student, Angelo Nocerino, and all the young people of Portici who died prematurely, represented by the association. Dino am Live

Thank you

  • The teacher Ersilia Ambrosino who promoted the project
  • The mayor of the city of Portici Vincenzo Cuomo who granted the patronage
  • The Advisor to Education Maria Rosaria Cirillo
  • The Director of the Department of Agriculture Danilo Ercolini
  • The head of the procedures of the structure Dr. Adriana Forlani for the concession of the covered gallop.

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