The University of Catania adheres to the “Volunteers for Education” project.

Also this academic year, the University of Catania is committed to the “Volunteer for Education” project, a volunteer service to support studies promoted by Save The Children to combat early school exchanges as a result of the proliferation of Covid-19, a of the worst consequences of the pandemic for the future of the new generations.The initiative is part of the “Rewrite the future” campaign and is supported by the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI) and the Network of Universities for Sustainable Development (RUS)).

The project, in which 43 students from the University of Catania participated in 2021, consists of the creation of a national community of volunteers, consisting of university students who are committed to accompanying children and adolescents to online study dedicate 9 to 16 years, to help them improve learning and school participation and to strengthen their basic skills and motivation to learn.

Students from the University of Catania from all departments can apply.

Students belonging to the STEM field – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, who study Italian as L2 and have skills how to support students with SEN / SLD are in particular demand.

Those who decide to participate, supported by professional educators, follow children and adolescents each week individually or in small groups, based on their skills and the specific recovery needs of the beneficiaries identified in collaboration with the schools. The commitment required is one or two meetings per week for a maximum of 3 hours in total, for a minimum of 4 months.

Before the service starts, all volunteers must receive basic training on the importance of volunteering, early school exchanges and quality learning, and specific training on the safety of minors online and on the rules of conduct that are followed in accompanying the studio. A second progression, during the course of the activity, then involves inclusive and participatory learning tools and methods, games and laboratory activities to promote learning, the psycho-social approach to managing experiences and emotional aspects in this period of uncertainty.

You can submit your application by filling out the appropriate online form.

For any explanations, please contact Roberta Piazza (email

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