The unaccompanied foreign minor plan has been updated

The Commissioner Delegate for the Coordination of Measures and Procedures for Aid Activities for Unaccompanied Minors from Ukraine, Francesca Ferrandino, under her responsibility, went on to update the plan which will be issued on 13.

It should be noted that this version brings news in the area of ​​health and school issues. We recall among some aspects of possible interest.

The procedures for conducting diagnostic tests for minors without digital passenger locator form or Covid19 green certification, and the institutional issues involved, are reported in the context of health profiles. In particular:

  • the rules concerning the guarantee of health care on national territory are recalled, with the same treatment with Italian citizens, are subject to the ASL of home registration, which are already present in the circular of 28 March 2022;
  • In the context of vaccination prevention, the ASLs recommend to the educator or entrusted subject the administration of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine, for minors over 5 years of age, if not vaccinated or without booster dose for subjects over the age of 12, and the administration of other vaccines in accordance with the national prevention plan;
  • in the framework of compulsory and free vaccinations listed in the national calendar;
  • in the context of the evaluation of vaccination status is recommended, which is already expressed in the circular of the Ministry of Health 15743 of 3 March 2022 on vaccination offers for those who have never been vaccinated and for those who have been vaccinated regularly in the country of origin;
  • as part of the monitoring, it is provided that the regions and autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano in conjunction with the ASLs, or equivalent structures, monitor unaccompanied foreign minors on a weekly basis by sending the report to the committed e-mail address.

In the context of school placement and vaccination requirements:

  • the right of unaccompanied foreign minors from Ukraine to have access to studies is recalled in accordance with the procedures provided for Italian citizens. To this end, the administration and the educational institutions, by connecting the needs of the refugees to the reception centers in the schools, guarantee them access to education, school and training services in the schools of all levels.
  • confirms that unaccompanied foreign minors from Ukraine may be enrolled in schools at any time of the year;
  • As far as access to vaccinations is concerned, it is recalled that the presentation of the documentation on free and compulsory vaccinations is a condition for access to educational services for infants and nursery schools, both private and equal. For the other degrees of regional education and vocational training, this documentation is NOT a requirement for access to school, center, and exams.

In addition, the monitoring form is dedicated to the general health profiles and health prevention profiles of unaccompanied foreign minors.

Attached is also the note from the Ministry of Education on the operational indications for the school reception of Ukrainian students. Important is highlighted:

  • the preparation on the website of the relevant Ministry of a section dedicated to the Ukrainian emergency with the preparation of information and teaching materials;
  • operational procedures for minors assigned to educational institutions;
  • the management of applications for registration of the regional school offices;
  • the inclusion of minors in the class corresponds to the schooling completed in their own country;
  • the necessary liaison with the health authorities and matters provisions regarding compliance with vaccinations and anti-covid prevention19.

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