The Ukrainian Minister of Education thanks Italy

The Ukrainian Education Minister Serhiy SchkarletResponding to a question about early school exchanges in these days of war, he told Adnkronos: “Many children and their families were forced to evacuate areas in the West and abroad. Including in Italy. I want some of this The Italian Republic, the Draghi Government and Minister Messa have the opportunity to thank you all for their absolute support and assistance to Ukraine in such a difficult time. including children abroad, nearly 2.7 million people.

Therefore, the Minister stated that in the meeting with the Council of Ministers of the European Union there is a supportive and coordinated European response to the European Union, and the possibility that there could be significant difficulties in recovering these children and returning to the school system. be introduced. War in Ukraine on education. “I raised this issue. I am grateful to the EU and to countries that guarantee the right to free study for Ukrainian students and their parents, such as Italy, Poland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, France and others. “.


And Minister Serhiy Schkarlet also launched an appeal: “We want the children to go home after the war. So we asked for support for the initiative to open Ukrainian schools, which will ensure that children continue to follow the Ukrainian curriculum. We already know that there are integration programs in many countries. This is why I asked my colleagues in the EU Council of Ministers to create opportunities for our children to study the Ukrainian language and history, wherever they may be. We are talking about a whole generation being given the opportunity to go home and build the new Ukraine. ”

As for the assistance that Italy and Europe could provide to Ukraine, the Minister addressed the two ministerial colleagues of the Italian Republic: Education and University. “After the war, the help of experts is needed to assess the level of damage to infrastructure and the cost of reconstruction.”

“I have already talked about our online platform, which is also always available outside the borders of Ukraine. I would like you to evaluate the possibility of supporting their development by providing subsidies that include inclusion. of teaching materials for primary schools, which is currently lacking, and also that grants are provided to support training and teaching materials for teachers, for example, what to do with psychological work with children experiencing war. Finally, we ask to promote our platform among the members of the Ukrainian Diaspora in your country, so that Ukrainian children have continuous access to education.

The Ukrainian Minister of Education reiterates that “to date, Ukraine’s support is endless. The Czech Republic has allocated 6 million euros for Ukrainian students; Poland has allocated 20 million zlotys for the study and support of Ukrainian students. The President Poland has also signed a law stipulating the cost of tuition for Ukrainian students based on the specializations they receive in Ukraine, which may not exceed what the student previously paid. without competition “.

“In addition to Europe,” he recalls, “the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development has supported us. $ 100 million will be allocated to the new project to support academic scholarships issued by the Ministry of Education and Social Wages by the Ministry of Education.” Social policy for university students.

Serhiy Schkarlet also set the balance of the last 20 days at school, university and education front: “Lessons in Ukrainian schools and universities resumed on March 14, after a two-week break from the start of the bombings, after agreed the offices of regional education with the military administration depending on the security conditions of the area.Therefore, there are clear territories under enemy fire where the pedagogical process stops.

“In particular – he explains – after the Russian invasion, almost all schools have adopted the adoption of a two-week holiday. Lessons are now being held in father or mixed mode depending on the security situation of the territories. ‘Universities, early March 12 institutes continue their lessons in the father, 6 completely discontinued and the other induced vacation. Now about half have started working in the father again. The other universities often continue with the holiday break because they are not able to due to the occupation or siege of the cities.

The Minister recalls that “the national digital platform ‘Ukrainian National School Online’ is active and available 24 hours a day to teachers and students in Ukraine and abroad, in fact it is used in 120 countries around the world with lessons in all Subjects from fifth to eleventh grade For this reason, children can use it and continue their studies according to the Ukrainian program, no matter where they are in the world. we are launching the “Education without Borders” project, which broadcasts video lessons for schools and regions where there are problems with the internet connection “.

Finally, a look at the mental health of the school community: “The psychological trauma of Ukrainian students and teachers, forced into tents, is strong. Together with the partners of the Ministry and the universities, we have created information material for the psychological support of children organized daily meetings from 1pm to 8pm via Facebook or telegram Certified psychologists manage them through simple ad hoc exercises for minors forced into tents or at home.A series of videos have also been created explaining how to deal with children over war and talking about other things.

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