the two new projects of the Piacenza and Vigevano Foundation

D.two three-year projects, for a total investment of 420 thousand euros. So those Foundation of Piacenza and Vigevano puts itself in the service of the Piacenza schools and proposes an extension of traditional teaching with new tools and methodologies.

Projects, Bibloh! In the From the classroom to the orchestra, aimed at primary and secondary schools, concerns the development of innovative school libraries and the teaching of musical disciplines, in particular on school integration. The initiative was presented on Friday morning, March 11, by the President of the Foundation, Roberto Reggiand by the directors Luca Groppi – Coordinator of the Education and Research Commission, e Mario Magnelli – Coordinator of the Culture Committee.

“These projects have three key words: innovation, quality and inclusion. In order to consolidate and network them, we have started from virtual experiences already present in our territory, and from a series of individual initiatives already supported by the Foundation “We hope they can help everyone focus resources on goals that are consistent and sustainable over time, leaving something concrete behind.”

Schools interested in the projects must register on the online application portal on the website On the basis of the requests received, the board of directors of the foundation – with the support of the education commission possibly supplemented by experts – will select the institutions to receive the contributions. Applications must be submitted by 1pm on April 20, 2022. For further information, please contact the Institutional Offices at 0523 311111 or send an e-mail to


The development of musical talent, to promote social inclusion and prevent early school exchange and youth inconvenience, is the strategy of the project “From Class to Orchestra”, which, with the support of the Foundation 2013 and 4. Piacenza School Primary Caduti was launched. sul Lavoro, and landed with music workshops in some high schools. From the experience that led to the founding of First Ensembles, we now want to create a common path that leads to the founding of a children’s orchestra for the city. So far, the experimentation and learning of a collective instrumental practice laboratory and multi-ethnic contexts has taken place through a certain social, cultural and pedagogical fragility and the results have been encouraged.

The aim of this project is to extend the benefits found to other schools with complex and multicultural users and to build a network of schools that systematises the experience gained over the years. Children and teenagers from all schools in the network can participate in the constitution of the children’s orchestra for the city, learning disabilities or recognitions of various kinds.

The possibility to participate in the ensemble can also be offered to the many private subjects (associations and music schools) that carry out their activities in the area, and with the participation of young people who go to the city conservatory. Participation is open to primary and secondary schools in Piacenza in the province. The foundation provides a total of 210 thousand euros, divided over three years.


Bibloh! is the national network of innovative school libraries and is part of the Coordination Networks of School Libraries (CRBS). It consists of 38 institutions that are present in different regions. Of these, 11 schools belong to the province of Piacenza. The Piacenza & Vigevano Foundation has already supported the network of school libraries with interventions to implement individual projects that are presented independently of the schools. With this three-year proposal, it hopes to foster a governance system useful for organizing and organizing the project, favoring more targeted interventions and being more aware of the school contexts in which they develop.

The expected goals are many: to promote the use of the library as a learning environment useful to support the acquisition of 21st Century skills; making the book heritage available to the whole school community (with particular attention to the more fragile components); benefit from the MLOL digital lending platform for digital lending (digital lending, audiobooks and kiosks); offer a quality service to thousands of families. The project aims to encourage the design and construction of new library environments, the implementation of library heritage, the training of teachers in innovative and thematic learning methods for use in physical and virtual libraries, and the organization of national events for d. ‘Promotion of reading and writing. It is addressed to all schools, of all levels and levels, in the provincial territory. In this case too, the Foundation will provide a total of 210 thousand Euros, spread over three years.


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