the “Top School” award and the victory in the hackathon

Salerno’s IIS “B. Focaccia” won the Top School Award at the third edition of “La Borsa Mediterranea della” Training and work“, an event sponsored by the Super Sud Study Center in collaboration with the Stratego Group and sponsored by the Campania region, the province and the municipality of Salerno, the universities and many other bodies.


The Mediterranean Training and Work Exchange aims to reward self-distinguished and distinguished schools that contribute profitably to the acquisition of new knowledge and skills by students, as well as the inclusion of young people in the world of work. In fact, the Public Education Adviser of Salerno, Gaetana Falcone, presented the “Top School” Award in the hands of Professor Maria Funaro, Head of School of the IIS “B. Focaccia”, accompanied by Professor Giuseppina Casazza, PCTO Rapporteur, and by student representatives Francesco Pantalena and Antonia Sepe. The motivational letter underlines the importance of the recognition earned through the activation of many projects, including some in collaboration with the Bank of Italy, the Carisal Foundation and the University of Salerno as well as thanks to the remarkable participation in the Italian Cybersecurity Olympics. Turin.

The event allowed students to meet with training institutes, local firms, employment agencies, professionals and foundations with the participation of nationally important experts on topics related to work, education and the promotion of territorial development policy. The Focaccia Institute – reminiscent of Salerno’s Public Education Advisor – is our flagship, a school of excellence that combines education and training thanks to the fruitful and diligent work of the staff but above all the director who was always attentive and available to the Needs of the school community. In the framework of the Mediterranean Training and Work Exchange, students of IIS “B. Focaccia”, flanked by expert trainers, participated in the Hackathon Talent for Business, an event aimed at bringing young people closer to the world of work, their creative skills z ‘enable them to live a high training experience based on collaboration and competition, as well as foster the creation of a network of contacts with professionals and companies.


On Friday, May 6, 10 students from the Focaccia Institute in the Silvio Petrone area of ​​the Banca Campania Centro were honored for carrying out innovative and high-quality projects in response to the entrepreneurial demands launched by the partner companies:

– Nexsoft SpA from Salerno: the working group created an entrepreneurial idea in Metaverse called “MetaFashion” by designing a real startup that could possibly be put on the market;
– Hotel Calypso in Pontecagnano Faiano: the working group developed an improvement of the business plan of the hotel company, the only one in Campania to promote ecologically sustainable tourism, also to develop ideas to achieve diversified tourism through home automation;
– Dog & Cat by Montecorvino Pugliano: The working group has developed a project to internationalize the brand mainly in the German market through a careful swot analysis and an improvement of the business plan.


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