“The teachers are not babysitters and the school is not a car park”. Teachers respond to parents asking to extend the course until July

The teachers ‘holiday, known as the teachers’ “Three Months Vacation”, is one of the recurring expressions that explode in time as soon as classes are completed. And so it was this year.

To cover the security was a petition from a mother, an online signature collection in which the government is asked to post the end of school at least in early July: “But what profession in the world do you expect to stay at home for 90 days in a row?”.

Then he adds: “Who can not afford the summer camps he does? I, who has to and wants to work, what should I do? We use the didactic places in the summer months to teach him something useful, like English or IT.”

It goes without saying that the post on the Orizzonte Scuola Facebook page was filled with comments: almost 5 thousand in total in just under 24 hours. The debate rejected the majority of teachers’ image of the mother who was the protagonist of the petition, and again defended her profession. Other parents also intervened, reporting their thoughts and difficulties.

Here are some collected comments:

I would like to see these parents at the age of their children who are excited to go to school in the summer … Children and adolescents have been completely absent since early May. I want to see what June and July do in the classrooms that are stoves. I also remember that we teachers are neither babysitters nor entertainers. The school is not a summer campus, it is a place to learn and educate“;

Unfortunately, the idea that we are entertainers is spreading and so we have to worry about the fun of the kids. I deal with the psychological and emotional well-being of the child and his or her upbringing. I did not study to be an entertainer !! The problem is social! Each municipality should offer alternative activities to the school during the summer. Stop! At one time they even let us clean the classrooms!

Outside of primary school, middle and high school students, as well as professors, are engaged in middle and high school exams. The earliest, hopefully, end of June, the last in July (often mid-month). Primary school teachers generally go to school throughout the month of June because they have different tasks to attend (from filling out the minutes and arranging papers to arranging classrooms) not to mention the different types of meetings.

Like other professions we work 40 hours a week only we are not recognized … I have 6 classes with an average of 20 students … Consideration for 6 classes to prepare a written test a month and correct it … without taking into account the projects and bureaucracy that suppress … I would say we are already overrun“.

I would like to go on holiday in February … But, of course, the school should find a replacement, which almost never happens until after 15 days … This would be to the detriment of education, but parents are not interested in that.

There are those who actually reflect on the alternative use of structures: “The property, municipal, regional or state property, is dedicated to school education, following the procedures of the competent authorities. The property when not in use when closed is not useful for everyone. As far as possible, the structures could be used to provide cultural in-depth services of various kinds“.

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