The teacher is like a book, a teacher of life forever. – Journal of Salerno

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by Clementina Leone

The word school has its roots in the Greek “skholḗ”, which originally means “leisure”, especially for the leisure of the mind. Only the second came the term to indicate the place where one learns, makes science and produces knowledge. “The Italian has many problems, but nevertheless it continues to represent a crucial space for future life. for the education of a boy or a girl who will one day be confronted with the world of work, because education is not only a right and a duty, but a real happiness, a tool capable of fighting ignorance, which is getting bigger and bigger these days. Studying is important because it allows you to spread your knowledge and improve your skills Communication, essential for maturing and optimizing the psychological and moral growth of the people. Without “knowledge” the world would be different and misunderstood. Today, all this seems like a far-fetched mirage, but fortunately it is not so, because the ways of “Educational Training” exist beautiful, innovative and time-related, and are the ones that make the excellent teacher of II ° Circle Didactic by Mercato San Severino dr.ssa Anna Buonaccount, together with all her excellent staff, every year proposes to her students. The excellent group, last week, to end the school year and celebrate the new retirees, met at the Secretariat of the II Circolo di Mercato San Severino in Sant’Angelo. the Mercato San Severino to bring to life a nice closing party with important moments of reflection on the projects that were implemented during the year. “The school is the training agency par excellence which aims to train the younger generations and to impart the culture necessary to enable development and social progress. In fact, the task is the same in today’s complex,” post-industrial society continues to expand, in the continuous evolution in which knowledge is aging in a short time, so that the task of the masters is not only content, but operational methods and tools to enable people to cope with constant change We need a lifelong education: “Long-life learning” underlined the Executive Buonaccount. to build a “bridge of culture” together with the teaching staff, the administrative staff and the Ata for the future men and women of tomorrow super solid auen; the II ° Didactic Circle of Mercato San Severino has succeeded in achieving great goals over the years, which have helped all students to hear each other while the citizens of the world remain in Mercato San Severino. This of course also thanks to the learning team that we can without a doubt define as “A” series. But every year, as it should be, many of them retire to make room for new ones. This year, it also touched the teachers of the playschool: Assunta De Santis and Greco Filomena. Two teachers with a big “I” who could help each of the little stars entrusted to them, and in a significant way contributed to their transformation into a “warm, bright and radiant sun”. But it does not stop there, the two “big women” have managed to “make no noise”, in a significant way contribute to the educational integration of students with disabilities, and regardless of their functional diversity experiences of individual and social growth to favor. As the phrase prefers for Kierkegaard says “What the teacher is becomes more important than what he learns”. Because of this; there are teachers who leave their mark, as well as with words with their manner. The Greek teachers Filomena and Assunta De Santis left many of them indelibly in the hearts and souls of all the children who had the honor and happiness of having them as teachers. Learning is one of the most beautiful of all possible professions. The Greco and Santis teachers worked hard to help children understand the importance of respecting each other, of common goods, to express themselves with education, to observe the rules, to build a sense of legality and ethics. of responsibility. In a world that urgently needs civic sense and respect in its most varied forms (involving the environment down to the weaker sections of the population of all genders and races), the teaching of these values ​​cannot be ignored. Santis and Greco teachers were able to convey with great passion and humanity. Always smile and pay attention to the students, so that even outside the school they can see fears and inconveniences in their eyes, which they often like to solve by generously offering their availability. A perfect balance of roles, between a mother and a teacher, that allowed them to enjoy the constructive authority that is now so rare, but indispensable, in the best education.

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