the students of this school learn directly from the entrepreneurs of our territory! Visited

Do School in direct contact with the productive realities of the territory.

They are called “Ways to Transverse Skills and Orientation” (Pcto), better known as “School-job diversion”.

Introduced since 2003, they are didactic actions that allow students to combine school education with a practical activity in public or private structures.

Ma, the Itcg Loperfido-Olivetti of Matera is in full swing Realization of these interventions and into this groove it entered the visit to the company “Primo Sole Società Cooperativa” of Montescaglioso (MT), in the Selvapiana district, which welcomed the students of a class of Business Information Systems course of the Via Moro Institute. Prof. Antonella Salerno.

The “guests”, sisters Francesca and Rosangela Appio, who met girls and boys, are without a doubt an excellent example of how the long experience of parents in the fruit and vegetable sector can be appreciated to become entrepreneurs.

Two very young girls who were able to transform the years of school and work into the productive world.

Objectives achieved, therefore, together with another objective: we are confronted with a production activity that works within the course of social responsibility and the principles of ecological sustainability, all within an innovative framework that allows the company Montescaglioso (MT) to present to be. national and international markets.

The Appio sisters, with extreme professionalism, got the students involved Teachers of the Itcg Loperfido-Olivettithe processing lines (at this stage, especially fennel and cauliflower).

An illustration that gave the opportunity to express the despair between professional and human experience.

The “Primo sole” organization of manufacturers (OP), founded in 2016/17, focuses on the value of aggregation, the quality of the supply chain and the diversification of the product with techniques ranging from the improvement of organoleptic components (Goal pursued) through partnerships and research programs and field experiments), calibration, packaging paying attention to the different needs of consumers, to the attribution of a precise identity by the brand “Dolce Lucano” for fennel.

This prestigious entrepreneurial reality was created around the first historical cooperative of the entrepreneur Giuseppe Appio, father of Francesca and Rosangela and through the initiative of the girls themselves.

And the inclusion of the OP in the “network of quality agricultural work”, which is composed of companies that draw attention to themselves through compliance with labor regulations, social legislation, income tax and value markets, is not at all coincidental.

As it is no coincidence that one joins the ethical project “No Cap to say enough to the hiring”.

But these are just some of the “Primo Sole” certifications.

During the visit, there was no lack of social moments.

Pupils and accompanying teachers, Melania Simmarano and Antonella D’Uggentohad a chance Taste Candonga fennel and strawberry collected directly in the greenhouse in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

May 11 is repeated.

To accompany this time the courses are taught by Prof. Franco Caputo that was it Francesca Professor of Business Administration.

The educational excursion program of the plan Matera’s Popero del’Itcg “Loperfido-Olivetti” also includes guided tours at a building site in Irsina (MT) for children (Surveyors Course), at the Amarelli Licorice Factory, at the Licorice Museum, in Rossano Calabro.


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