“The street belongs to everyone”, a day of road formation in the primary “Jole Orsini” in Amelia

“The street belongs to everyone.” This is not only the slogan of the last stage of the project on the history of the engines and road safety organized by the “Rete takes us in hand” in collaboration with the classes IV A and IV B (normal time) of the ” Jole Orsini “Amelia Primary School. There is something more: the awareness that, even on the road, it is essential to share correct rules and behaviors so as not to harm oneself and others.

That was the main theme of the “field training” day which took place on Saturday morning, May 7th, on the internal site of the school. A widespread “operating room” has been set up for primary school children, with the presence of the Amelia Fire Brigade, the Terni Traffic Police Unit, the Red Cross of Avigliano Umbro, the Cisom of Amelia, Asd Battistelli and the contribution of cyclist Simone Grilli of Amelia’s “Team Revolution Bike”. The municipality of Amelia, the network of Umbria and Lazio museums and the technical escort of Amelia and the Amerino are also on the ground. Finally, the children took a bike ride to certify the skills that simulated the accidents and the use of police and health. Until you get the driver’s license you want.

The project – explains Umbro Passone, one of the creators and coordinators of the project and founder of the cultural and museum pole Scuderia Traguardo – started in 2018, but had to stop due to the pandemic. It is part of a broader framework, which aims to network cultural, museum and exhibition spaces, including motorists, to help children learn about their past through a collaborative and innovative approach. Knowledge to build their future. In particular, what mechanics and motorsport – our aim is to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about the means their grandparents use to understand the evolution of today and the increasingly evolving perspective that they have on ecological needs. must respond. “

Against this background of values, the need has arisen to cooperate with schools, institutions that deal with security and voluntary associations: “The training activity we do, including through the” Take the hand-in-hand network “- he explains the Passone – focuses on a substantial prevention of risky and wrong behaviors that we often see on the street, not just children: often the worst teachers are the adults of reference”. The second objective is included at this point, to stimulate a text for the culture of respect and collaboration with professionals and lawyers working on the street: “We feel the need to change the culture of” I’m fine, otherwise si se. will make me money. “With these guys – Passone concludes – we have the opportunity to convey the beautiful and important side of respecting the rules, but above all to build a relationship of trust and full cooperation with those who work every day. and often without a schedule to care for the well-being of all of us. “

Satisfaction with the director of the school ‘Jole Orsini’, Professor Tiziana Lorenzoni, who reiterated: ‘I am convinced that this project can be a really important meeting point for all students of our school. I can only applaud this important organizational machine that has brought together all the institutions that care for our children. As far as the school is concerned – concludes the principal – my thanks go to the teacher Currao, the school principal of the project and to the curators, teachers Guerrini, Mattia and Zappulla “.


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