The story of Sanpa told in Cesena by Carlo Gabardini (PHOTO)

At the UBIK library and in Malatestiana, one of the authors of the Netflix documentary in the library with “A common story. Sanpa: I, us, everyone “

CESENA – Partly memoiren, partly clever, partly inquisitive. Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini’s book is a reconstruction of the investigations that led to the creation of the Sanpa series, but also an evocation of Italy in the 80s alternating with his own family and personal events. Friday, March 18 at 6 p.m. the Ubik Librairie in Cesena, in collaboration with the Malatesta Library, will propose Gabardini’s latest book: A common story. Sanpa: I, us, everyone (in the. Harper Collins). For participation in the event, which will be held in the Aula Magna of the Malatestiana in the presence of the author and actor Giacomo Garaffoni, reservations are recommended on 0547 077134.

“Why bother telling Sanpa’s story? Why say it today?”. This is what Carlo Gabardini is asking when he is asked to make a documentary about the recovery community of San Patrignano and its founder, Vincenzo Muccioli. A story that mentions far news, sanctions and demonizations, opinions and prejudices, controversies, episodes, never completely clarified. But is it really just that? Starting to do research Gabardini, like Alice in the Rabbit, will embark on a journey of discovery that is also a journey into memory. The memory of a generation born between the late 60s and early 80s, which in many ways has to do with the delusion of heroin, with the fascination for dissolution, with discomfort when you met as children . a “drug addict,” an acknowledgment that perhaps implies the fear of becoming so, once great. And today, when we are older, what effect does it have on rebuilding the educational path of an entire country marked by television, and fixing a collective memory? The story of San Patrignano really becomes a common story that mixes the public, the story of those years divided between a boundless trust in the present and the fear that something unavoidable would happen, and the current private everyday life of the question: ” “Do we really think drugs are a past problem? And why did we collectively decide to bury this past?”

CARLO GIUSEPPE GABARDINI is an Italian actor and comedian. After an Italian-German bilingual education, he became co-founder of extern (1995), cultural organization producing the Milan Film Festival. In 2013, after the suicide of a 21-year-old homosexual in Rome, Gabardini wrote an open letter, later published by the newspaper “Repubblica”.Condemn homophobia and do it yourself come out. His first book will be published in 2015 If I were you, I would insist. (Letter to my father about still living), published by Mondadori.

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