The shock lessons of the middle school teacher. Parents: “Misunderstood allusions, stop her”

An all-too-alternative lesson in a Roman middle school, the Finetti Institute of Fonte Laurentina, theIndignation of parents. On the basis of the complaints, expressed to the teacher but also in private chats, the lessons of the Italian teacher, who replaces the teacher on maternity leave. According to today’s edition of ‘The Messenger‘, the teacher showed her students (a seventh grader) a video showing the exploits of’Super Potato‘, a heroine who defeats evil by lifting her skirt and firing lightning and bolts at the evil ones. The indications of sex, which also triggered the reactions of the students in the classroom, especially of the boys to the girls, are clear.

But that’s not all, because the teacher himself has become the protagonist of other kinds of unconventional explanations like the Sonnet. “He was the father of the saints“Of the Gioacchino Belli with the detailed list of the various synonyms of the male organ accompanied by the promise in the next lesson on the same thing for the female to continue. Every season with the promise to tell the parents nothing.


“My daughter cried and did not want to go back to class for fear that she would talk about the female organ,” said one mother. As mentioned, the parents wrote to the teacher, for one Compare. On the one hand the complaints about inappropriate teaching, on the other hand the intention to clarify and avoid other decisions because parents love school. Even though the fear of moms and dads is that they will pass on false messages in class about sexuality.

Rusconi: “This is how malformation is”

The president of the National Presidents Association of Rome spoke about the episode, again with ‘Messaggero’ Mario Rusconi:

“These episodes spread a climate of despair, it is unfortunate to use female sexuality as a reason to mock, mock and mock. It is not good for children and the climate. This is not about sex education but about maladaptation for how brutal these videos are. But we can not complain then Criticism and disappointment rained down at the school after the episodes that have occurred in high schools these days, with some expressions being used against students.

According to Rusconi, one was missing adequate training, a code of ethics for teachers, as there is no adequate sexual education for students: “Precise indications must be given, certainly not by a video that can be defined as obscene. Even the poems of Belli, little children can not understand them. As such, it is used only in a comic book key. But the school is not that of Alvaro Vitali’s films “.

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