ROCCA DI MEZZO – In Rocca di Mezzo (L’Aquila), a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Sirente Velino Regional Natural Park and the Arrigo Serpieri Institute for Higher Education in Avezzano for the implementation of various environmental initiatives with the active participation of students.

With the presence of the teacher Cristina Di Sabatinoby the President of the Park Francesco D’Amoreby the Vice President Gianfranco Tedeschias well as the professors of the institute and the directors of the institution, Friday 25 March 2022, the collaboration between the Sirente Velino Park and the Serpieri Institute of Avezzano began with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding.

The objectives set out in the agreement, in the pedagogical offer, are the realization of interdisciplinary activities that contribute to the development of coherent relational behavior between students and civil society by stimulating the initiative capacity and the solution of real problems.

From the point of view of the park authority and the new vision of an open and inclusive park, there is the opportunity to pass on the knowledge that is being passed on to the new generations through an on-the-job environmental education path, which sets the objectives of the 2030 agenda. .

The protocol presents an articulated program of actions that synthetically translate into the application of renewal techniques for seed reproduction and for micropropagation of the meristematic substances of the buds, the production and therefore the distribution of warty birch seedlings from genetic material of Native peoples Origin. of the ecotypes of Betula pendula present in the protected area of ​​the Sirente-Velino Regional Park.

The partnership with the park aims to train our students on topics that perfectly adhere to the curriculum of the Agricultural Technical and Professional Institute – says school director Di Sabatino. Skills that are essential today for the importance of the protection of wood heritage in the fight against climate change and the protection of biodiversity. In addition, the path planned in synergy with the park improves ‘Agricultural studies are characterized by the cultural background of those who will be future professionals in the sector. I am sure that through this project our students will gain skills that can be spent in their future work, in a region where about 37% of the land is protected Areas exist.

“In the territorial area of ​​the Sirente-Velino Park,” recalls President D’Amore, “there are some ecological stations where warty birch (Betula pendula) grains are found, especially on the northern slope of the Monte Sirente chain. Commune Secinaro, in the beech forest of Piani di Pezza in Rocca di Mezzo, on the northern slope of Mount Magnola in Ovindoli and in Val di Teve in Magliano de ‘Marsi. distributed and, following the changing temperature conditions and the retreat of the glaciers (interglacial period), they have made a significant reduction in the area.With this project we aim to produce the top plants to spread in suitable areas of the Abruzzo region and d ‘Spread culture in conjunction with the selection of native plant species for planting in urban parks and private gardens.

“With the protocol – says the vice president of the park Gianfranco Tedeschi – we have created an opportunity to meet between the school world and the park institution, which allows children to learn about other aspects of real life and environmental issues – so binding and current in this historic moment.I am sure the project will be successful and it will only be the beginning of a collaboration between the Serpieri Institute and the park to focus on actions of greater scope and stock and which will also renew energy and motivation in the park generate “.

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