The school I like. Rodari’s children draw the ideal school of the future

How would you imagine your dream school? That is the question posed by the teachers of the Rodari primary school in Saronno who asked about 320 pupils who make up the primary schools of the institute, from the first to the fifth. So place for the imagination and imagination of the children, who when expressing the ideal school of the future first thought of a large colorful building with large meeting places, in which they built a space Expensive therapya relaxation room with sofas and armchairs, a classroom full of aquariums, a room with a glass ceiling to admire the sky and even a swimming pool, a football pitch and a basketball court.

The project, which took the final form of a video, was funded by the school in collaboration with the municipality of Saronno was presented at the City Hall on Wednesday, March 23rd at noonin the presence of Mayor Augusto Airoldi, Councilors Francesca Pozzoli and Gabriele Musarò, ICS Ignoto Militi teacher Patrizia Rizzo and teacher Barbara Marabelli, teacher coordinator who worked with the young students on the project.

For the construction of the new Rodari school, the municipality of Saronno recently participated in the Lombardy region, which expired on March 15, and asked for a loan of 7 million euros. The Rodari project has been much discussed in recent months, following the loss of ministerial funding of 4 million euros, which the body was awarded in 2018. “From the administration there is a great commitment and will for the construction of this new. School – comments the new councilor Francesca Pozzoli -. We delivered everything a week before the deadline for the announcement.”

At the request of the regional announcement, the participation of the school, as explained by Mayor Augusto Airoldi: “This new announcement, in which we participated, also requires the participation of the children who created this multimedia tool. “.

Presenting the feasibility study, it must now wait until at least mid-May to know the result of the regional tender. In case the project is funded, we will then move on to the later design phases and “in the executive phase we try to align all these beautiful ideas of the children with what is possible to do and actually put into the project” Comment from the Town hall.

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Pictured are teacher Barbara Marabelli and teacher Patrizia Rizzo

“Let us think of an innovation in learning and school spaces, a school that is a community, a square open to everyone and not a closed classroom and an end to classical learning” comments the principal of Rizzo School.

In this direction goes the regional call that the school as “a social infrastructureas well as knowledge and culture “reads the announcement. So not just a place for a school education, but a place to live, built and integrated into the socio-cultural fabric of the neighborhood, a learning space open to all, consisting of multifunctional spaces.

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“Architectural innovation is accompanied by an innovation to learn, ie with the possibility to have flexible spaces that adapt to different needs commented Commissioner Pozzoli. The subject of the Rodari school is very close to the heart of this administration. It is a project in which we believe so much and in which we hope it will succeed.

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