The right note, music and training. The synthesis of the project in Galatone

The idea that inspires you Project is to use the Music to promote cohesion and participation in both local and provincial communities, in order to combat the phenomena of marginalization and inconvenience of young people and to raise awareness of legality. So, with the training steps now completed, an interesting moment of synthesis was celebrated in the Industrial Enrico Medi of Galatone, which attended two second year classes of the Technological Institute.

At the training event, introduced by the greeting of the teacher Annamaria Campavisited by prof. Diego Gira (Project coordinator), who explains the objectives of the project in which the school is a partner, and underlines the important function that the region performs by providing economic resources to create moments of reflection on topics that are always current and fundamental to the education of man, as the life-example of Giovanni Falcone and more generally of all the martyrs of justice.

Dr. Annatonia Margiotta (Responsible for interventions for the dissemination of legality), on the other hand, illustrates regional policy on social anti-mafia and the implementation of the “Consolidated Law on Legality, Administrative Regularity and Security”.

Dr. Martina Gentil (Designer) clarified how a project idea was born, illustrated the role of the designer, keystone between associations and public bodies and an essential figure for the presentation of valid and credible projects on which the public body relies.

The Professor. Davide De Ramundo (Project Consultant) helped clarify the humanities’ position on cyberbullying, talking about the fusion and confusion of reality and fiction, and hyperreality. The Deputy Commissioner Fernando Miglietta (Penitentiary Police – Lecce) has, from a practical-legal point of view, exposed the risks that are encountered when a person is persecuted, harassed, intimidated or induced by the network to perform acts that are harmful to his own life, or that of others.

Dr. Finally, Marco Martella (IT Expert) came up with the concept of safer internet analyzes the dangers of the web and the characteristics of safe navigation, essential notions for non-victims or “unconscious” harassment.

The course was funded under the Public Note “Beauty and Legality for a Puglia Free from Mafia” POR PUGLIA FERS-FES 2014-2020, Action Line 9.6.

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