the report of the students of the IC. F. Minà Palumbo back from mobility in Portugal

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From March 27th to April 4th, 2022, we had our first European experience in Alcobaça (Portugal), thanks to our Erasmus MESI project: Music and Escape of the Social Issues. For one week we were greeted by Portuguese families, who offered us their hospitality.

We had the opportunity to participate in this international meeting with young people from Croatia, Spain, Slovakia, Turkey and of course Portugal along with our teachers.: Angelo Casablanca, Giuseppe Aiosi and Carmela Forti who gave us the opportunity to live this unforgettable experience. Before departure, some activities were prepared to share with the other schools of the project.

Among the works we did, we had our song entitled “In a Live Show”Poverty is the worst form of violence“, Taken from a famous phrase by Indira Gandhi. The text was written by us; Gaia Spallino, Carla Prisinzano, Ginevra Giardina and Emanuele Piraino, the music created by the musical instruments of our school .

Visits were organized in different places like: Alcobaça, Lisbon, Nazarè, Fatima and Obidos.

We had the opportunity to meet new realities and enrich our cultural background. Exchanging ideas, thoughts and feelings with other young people from different countries has allowed us to become more outgoing and confident. The emotions that are felt in that short amount of time are inexplicable, too much to really define. The team spirit accompanied us throughout the trip and made every activity more and more beautiful and interesting. A special thanks goes to the teachers who accompanied us on this experience, to the Professor Francesca Barberito the host families who made our week comfortable and memorable, to the guest complex for all that it offers between places, activities and food, and finally to the European community that made everything possible through funds.

This trip has enriched our school and personal training, we have improved our language skills in English, interpersonal relationships with all the participants of the meeting with whom we hope to have further contacts in the future and possibly repeat their hospitality.

Giardina Ginevra, Emanuele Piraino, Carla Prisinzano, Gaia Spallino

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