The regional register of municipal cooperatives is coming

“Community cooperatives are a very important tool for the development and strengthening of our social and economic fabric, as they enhance cultural traditions and territorial resources, create employment opportunities in areas at risk of depopulation and in degraded suburbs,” said the President of the Lazio region. , Nicola Zingaretti on the establishment of the Regional Register of Community Cooperatives.

The Regional Council today approved the resolution establishing the register and the guidelines governing the registration and maintenance procedures.

Community cooperatives must establish and operate in the regional territory:

  • In mountain areas, inland areas or areas at risk of depopulation, or in areas characterized by conditions of socio-economic difficulties and environmentally friendly criticism;
  • Particular contexts such as metropolitan areas or urban and peri-urban peripheries, characterized by less social, economic and market accessibility, which translates into scarcity of services, early school exchange and the presence of social marginalization.

“Establishing the register of community cooperatives is a first step towards supporting the economic development, cohesion and social solidarity of our territories, which are capable of strengthening their integrated production system and the resources and vocations of local To improve communities, ”he explained. Regional Council for Economic Development, Trade and Crafts, University, Research, Startup and Innovation Paolo Orneli.

They can join the Community Cooperatives Register, which responds to the needs of the local community by improving their social and economic quality of life by developing ecologically sustainable economic activities that include:

  • Creation of goods and services;
  • Job creation and improvement of human resources;
  • Recovery and improvement of common, environmental and cultural assets;
  • Improving innovations and traditions.

Registration in the register will be a necessary condition for access to the facilities provided by law.

The regional register is managed by an inter-directional body consisting of the Director of the Regional Directorate for Economic Development, the Director of the Regional Directorate for Social Inclusion, the Director of the Spazio Lavoro Agency and the Regional Director of Education. to work ..

The text now goes to the XI Regional Commission for the usual opinion.

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