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MODENA – A commitment that grows and strengthens, year after year. Yes expands the student body Emilia-Romagna who benefit from scholarships: they were 18,374 in the school year 2020-2021will go up 20,241 this year (+ 10.7%).

This is thanks to a total funding of 4.7 million between regional and ministerial resources almost 800 thousand euros more than last year 3.9 million euros – which will allow pay the scholarships 100% of students in possession of the required income requirements.

This is the result of the calls launched at the end of last year with the aim the right to education of all, starting from the less well-off, e counteract early school exchanges.

Of the more than 20,000 scholarships awarded this year in Emilia-Romagna, well 10,672 – there were 9,712 in the school year 2020-2021 – they are financed by regional fundsfor a total amount of bal 2.2 million euros (+ 10%). They benefit students enrolled in the first and second year of high school an al second and third years of vocational training and education courses.

The rest 9,669 bagsfor a loan of over 2.5 million eurosis instead covered with resources provided by the Ministry of Education and intended for all eligible Emilia-Romagna students. the last three years of high schools, technical and vocational institutes.

“Once upon a time, through an allocation that was strengthened year after year, we guarantee 100% of the scholarships to eligible students, especially to the deserving and the disabled – emphasizes the school counselor. Paola Salomoni– An important commitment of the region, which invests in schools at 360 degrees, from scholarships to transport to school buildings, to guarantee the full right to education and equal opportunities for all students, and the homogeneity of treatment around to guarantee whole regional territory. This year, too, we have decided to increase the financial resources to respond to the growing number of requests and to ensure that none of the boys and girls who are eligible are excluded. “

To these resources are added 2 million and 250 thousand euros throughout the territory again distributed with a resolution of the Council, for the financing of the School Transport Service for next year 2022/2023 (attached).

The unit amount and the methods for the payment of the scholarships

With one conscious in the last days of the regional government approved is confirmed and for 183 euros the basic unit value of the regional scholarships for the current school year; Figure it up for 229 euros (+ 25%) fir deserving studentsthat is, with an average of the mark higher than 7, and for that with disabilities. The unit value of ministerial subsidies is in place for 261.80 EurosThe same for everyone.

Do Isee Family Income Threshold to qualify for scholarships is employed 15,748 Euros per year.

The 10,762 scholarships funded by the region are provided Provinces of the Metropolitan City of Bologna.

For ministerial purposes, the region provides the list of beneficiaries compiled by the provinces in the metropolitan city of Bologna al Ministry of Educationdat will deliver immediately the settlement of the sums by bank transfers.

For more details, see the website of the Emilia-Romagna region. – Newspaper registered at the court of Modena aut. 20/2017

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