The region draws up the list of interventions for new schools, gymnasiums and canteens to be sent to the ministry

New schools, canteens or gymnasiums. The Lombardy region has developed a program of construction interventions to enhance the school building heritage. Two lines of intervention are in place: the “expression of interest in addressing the needs related to the school buildings heritage of the local authorities in Lombardy” and the regional call for “space for schools”.

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST PNRR SCHOOL BUILDING – The expression of interest opened on 30 December 2021 and closed on 18 January 2022, allowing municipalities, metropolitan cities and Lombardy provinces to mark their projects, linked to the 5 types of intervention provided for in the PNRR call of the Ministry for ‘Instruction. The region evaluated the projects by approving a ranking of interventions that completed the regional school building plan.

On the 5 lines of intervention of the manifestation of interest of the Lombardy region, a total of 1344 projects were approved by local authorities, fir a total value of over 3.2 billion euros. The Lombardy region has defined the ranking of projects that were submitted in time for the participation of local authorities in the notifications of the ministry.

In particular, the projects allocated by the Lombardy region are 674 projects to the first 4 types of intervention that could participate in the respective participation PNRR calls from the Ministry of Education and to obtain the additional score of 10 points in the final evaluation of the applications carried out by the Ministry of Education.

For the fifth type of intervention (Securing and upgrading schools), to the offices of the Ministry of Education of the Lombardy Region the ranking of 513 projects.

In detail we can see the related projects of the province of Varese divided by type of intervention:


Saronno Construction of the new G. Rodari primary school in the amount of € 8,550,840.60
Varese Construction of the new Galilei Primary School by replacing the building on the site Amount € 5,227,200.00
Castronno New construction of the primary school by building allowance amount € 6,000,000.00
Lombard Zomm Dismantling and reconstruction on site for the formation of the new Rodari school amounting to € 6,789,713.60


Tradition Security interventions and overcoming and elimination of architectural barriers c / o Santina Bianchi crèche Via Oslavia 19 Amount € 246,000.00
Laveno Mombello Dismantling and reconstruction of the municipal playschool in Via Fermi amount € 1,450,000.00
Varese Functional renovation and safety of the play school “Le Costellazioni” – Giubiano, amount € 980,000.00
Cuasso al Monte Conversion of existing building in Cavagnano and via Scampini amount € 417,000.00


Arsago Seprio Expansion of the nursery school amount € 1,730,000.00
Lombard Zomm Functional requalification and regulatory adaptation of the playschool according to Mona amount € 950,000.00
Lombard Zomm Formation of a new canteen, energy efficiency and seismic upgrade of the Buratti school amount € 800,000.00
Viggiù Expansion of the Felice Argenti primary school for merger with Gerolamo Gattoni playschool amount € 1,541,123.20
Vergiate Season Playschool Amount € 435,200.00
Vergiate Kindergarten and via Stoppani amount € 2,201,500.00
Vergiate Corgeno Kindergarten Amount € 1,394,000.00
Cassano Magnago New integrated school complex for playschool / crèche amount € 4,225,000.00


Jerago mat Orago Construction of a multi-purpose field and renovation of the athletics track and long-distance ground amount € 238,200.00
Saronno Construction of the new gymnasium for the Rodari primary school amounts to € 1,884,608.85
Castronno architectural and functional redevelopment of the existing high school amount € 875,800.00
Tradition Construction of a new gymnasium in the high school on Via Trento Trieste in the amount of € 1,399,715.76
Arsago Seprio new gym classes for school use amount € 2,120,000.00
Varese Architectural and functional renovation of the school gymnasium “Locatelli” in Varese amount 613,000.00
Varese Architectural and functional renovation of the school gymnasium “Sacco” in Varese amount of € 471,000.00
Cislago Construction of a new gymnasium for the high school “Aldo Moro” amounting to € 2,300,000.00
Laveno Mombello Seismic adaptation to the GB Monteggia school building (low school) with dismantling and reconstruction of a new multi-purpose gymnasium. Lot 2. New development of wardrobe. Amount € 840,000.00
Luvinat Construction of a new gymnasium at C. Pedotti Primary School amounting to € 983,481.20
Varese Architectural and functional renovation of the gymnasium “Vidoletti” in Varese amounting to € 916,000.00
Cuveglio Renovation of the primary school gymnasium amount € 90,000.00
Varese Province Functional renovation and safety of the Licei di Gallarate Amount € 983,481.20 € 616,470.00
Varese Province Construction of a new gym at Frattini Varese High School amount € 2,000,000.00
Varese Province Isis Stone functional conversion of Gavirate amount € 643,400.00
Varese Province Functional renovation of external playgrounds Is Geymonat di Tradate amount € 254,000.00
Fagnano Olona Construction of a school gymnasium to via Venegoni amount € 875,000.00
Comerio Construction of a new gym for school use amounting to € 1,500,000.00
Busto Arsizio New development of gym classes for school use at the institute including “Bossi” amount € 1,106,000.00


Castronno Construction of a new school complex canteen amounting to € 940,000.00
Arsago Seprio Expansion of the canteen for school use amount € 430,000.00
Varese The extension of the communal school building where the primary school “San Giovanni Bosco” stands to serve the construction of a canteen space for the school amount to 437,000.00 €.
Lombard Zomm Formation of the new primary school canteen Unknown Soldier Amount € 750,000.00
Malnate Restructuring of the premises for the extension of the school repertoire of the primary school B. Bai di Gurone Amount € 130,000.00
Lavena Ponte Tresa Extension for the construction of a new “A. Manzoni “Amount € 650,000.00
Cavaria with Premezzo Extension of the canteen hall and the school E. Fermi in Cavaria con Premezzo – E. Toti primary school Amount € 241,000.00
Grantola Project for the renovation / refurbishment of the G. Rodari primary school building – Expansion of the new canteen. Amount 450,000.00


Lombardy region has the broadcast Ranking of 513 projects, divided between Interventions of municipalities and provinces, which will be selected and funded by the same Ministry of Education with the resources allocated to Lombardy, equal to euros 68,839,045, of which 30% (20,651,713.50) reserved for Interventions presented by the provinces. Based on the ranking established by the region, the following works would have been included

Cislago seismic upgrade works of the “A. Moro” three-storey building – Lot 1 / A (Creation and reinforcement of partitions) Executive project € 579,122.26
They come higher Seismic improvement of school buildings Executive project € 1,135,016.79
Vergiate Primary school “Medaglie d’Oro” executive project € 1,139,000.00

They exceed the value of the loans but the other interventions are included in the list:

Security and redevelopment of the province

Province Varese Seismic Adaptation and Energy Qualification ITC Zappa Saronno Technical-economic feasibility project € 8,520,080.00
Province Varese Seismic Adaptation and Energy Qualification Itet Daverio Casula Varese Project Status Keen € 19,996,880.00
Province Varese Seismic Adaptation and Energy Qualification Ipsia Parma Saronno Project Status Keen € 14,102,255.00
Province Varese Seismic Adaptation and Energy Qualification It’s Riva Saronno Project Status Keen € 18,817,320.00
Province of Varese Seismic Adaptation Isis From the Sesto Calende Church Project Status Keen € 7,700,000.00

Security and redevelopment of municipalities

Cislago Seismic Upgrade of “G. Mazzini” Lot 1 Body A Final Project 350,000.00
Besozzo works to adapt and secure G. Pascoli Primary School, via Cavour N. 6 Technical-economic feasibility project € 440,000.00
Lombard Zomm Energy efficiency and seismic adaptation intervention for Maddalena playschool Technical-economic feasibility project € 500,000.00 € 204,448,802.15
Lombard Zomm Energy efficiency and seismic adaptation of the Macchi school Technical-economic feasibility project € 3,964,500.00
Cadegliano Viconago Uncertainty works for seismic / structural adaptation and energy efficiency of F. Caretti Primary School in Cadegliano Viconago Technical-economic feasibility project 650,000.00

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