The province is delivering the books to twelve local institutes on the occasion of March 8th

A “package” of books, each with the theme of contrasting gender stereotypes, is delivered to schoolchildren from eight overarching institutions and four higher education institutions in the province. International Women’s Day, Tuesday 8 March (11.30 am Sala dell’Aurora, Palazzo della Provincia) will be an opportunity to reaffirm the constitutional principles of equality and equal opportunities, which are the basis of solidarity and the democratic community.

A training and awareness-raising program launched by the Province of Siena in 2019, in conjunction with the Siena Territorial School Office with the project “Pentesilea” and focusing on school management, through a series of seminars on gender equality and non-sexist language, activated in its potential to counter gender stereotypes and prejudices that are still present in our lives. A way that is implemented in accordance with Law 107/2015 better known as the “Good School”, which aims to guarantee the implementation of the principles of equal opportunities, education and gender equality and the To promote schools of all levels, the prevention of gender-based violence and all discrimination.

“The school can really make a difference – explains Provincial Councilor Giulia Periccioli – by proposing ways free from stereotypes and prejudices, which unfortunately still carry the social role, representation and meaning of women and men, which often represent boundaries, boundaries defined rigidly and difficult to make.Crosses that encapsulate in pre-established behaviors and models, beyond personal desires and aspirations.Instead, it is necessary to build relationships based on respect, on the recognition of the other as self themselves, on an equal and solidary basis, guaranteeing full recognition of rights and freedoms ”.

The books will be handed over by Provincial Councilor Giulia Periccioli and Siena Territorial School Office Manager Renata Mentasti. Holding the books together is symbolically a ribbon of the colors of peace to say no to war, which is always a refusal of the future. In addition, to reiterate its proximity to Ukrainian women, the province of Siena adheres to the initiative launched by the province of Lecce “A silent March 8”, with a series of mimosa with a blue ribbon tied to the colors of the Ukrainian flag to remember.

Twelve schools have joined the project: Istituto comprehensive “G. Parini” of Torrita di Siena with teacher Mita Santoni, Comprehensive Institute Virgilio, North Area, with school director Giuseppina Rossi, Comprehensive Institute “R. Fucini” of Monteroni d’Arbia with teacher Maria Donata Tardio, Comprehensive Institute “Together” of Montalcino with Teacher Rita Tegli, Comprehensive Institute “C. Angiolieri” of Siena with Teacher Annalisa Nencini, Comprehensive Institute “G. Papini” of Castelnuovo Berardenga with Chief Teacher Maria Antonietta Manetta, Comprehensive Institute 2 Poggibonsi with Head Teacher Maresa Magini, Comprehensive Institute “Pier Andrea Mattioli” of Siena with Teacher Federico Frati, A. Poliziano University of Montepulciano with Head Teacher Marco Mosconi, Technical Industrial Institute T. Sarrocchi of Siena with Head Teacher Stefano Pacini, the Agricultural Technical Institute of Siena with the Teacher Nadia Riguccini, the Industrial Technical Institute A. Avogadro of Abbadia San Salvatore with the teacher Maria Grazia Vitale.

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