The province at work for the Pnrr: it is looking for 5 technicians for the support staff at the communes

The province of Bergamo does not want to waste money from the PNRR and has set itself the goal of getting as much funding as possible and spending it personally. Not only that, the province wants to create a staff that has been made available to the municipalities, often too small and without adequate internal resources for the complexity of the application systems, when planning and participating in the funding calls.

Support for municipalities

A prerequisite for making the best use of these resources is the creation of staff for the assistance of municipalities. This is the first point to which two other aspects are added: the support of the single contracting station to the municipalities in the execution and management of the tenders and the management of the Pnrr projects directly funded by the province all in connection with school construction. .

The President of Via Tasso, Pasquale Gandolfi, explains: “In all the parts that describe the functioning of the province, the same fundamental aspects of planning are added: the control room work and training, the start of the goal program (guarantee of employment opportunities), the relaunch of the ‘Observatoire du travail, the establishment of the Technical Commission for Political-Administrative Support within the Presidency, are all steps I have wanted to take from the beginning of my mandate towards joint governance of the territory and long-term planning. We want Bergamo to be the protagonist of a season of renewal, and the PNRR is a game to win ».

Build a team: open call

Gandolfi and his council seem to feel like coaches to prepare for the championship, for which they evaluate the best formations on the field. A few days ago, the first two calls for competition were published on the institutional website for the formation of rankings of technicians, who are hired on a fixed basis and the application must be submitted by 11 July.

Particularly sought after are technical specialists from category D and technical instructors from category C. In the first phase, five D-technicians (three full-time and two part-time workers) and three part-time C-technicians will be employed. then all further recruitments are possible. The goal is to create a committed structure of twenty people by the end of the year. Matteo MacoliVice President with responsibility for the Pnrr, stated: “We have been thinking of a structure of people who can help the communities, especially the small ones, overcome the difficulties due to a lack of competent staff for planning and reporting, but also more trivially difficult to find information. Municipalities often find it difficult to know even the opportunities that exist and can be crucial. “

The technical staff is funded by the province and through a contribution requested by the participating municipalities (currently there are 191).

The interventions of the province

To date, ten proceedings have been initiated or completed for a total amount of over three million euros. Not only that, eight more calls from so many municipalities are planned in the next few days. The province remains committed to the school building design and maintenance service, for a total of more than thirty million in funding distributed over thirty interventions, all awarded until 31 December, in which work will begin until 31 March 2023.

The second part of the fire prevention adaptation of various institutions, which allows this type of intervention to be completed at all schools in the area, and a number of seismic adaptation interventions fall within the Pnrr funds.

“It is an important intervention plan that will leave its mark on the system of our high schools,” commented the director of provincial building heritage and school planning. Umberto Valois.

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